Tales of the Hearth March 5th, 2017 - the seed within - myth of yeshua lucis

Rounding the bend of an icy winter, in the holy town of Crestone, nestled by the mountains and forests...

After a talk by Golden Eagle on Star Knowledge at the Cloud Cafe I go outside to pray. I receive the inspiration to sit with a fire that night and to be with the Sacred Land. Then I encounter Anthony again...

Anthony Benton

We share deep resonance, and in our last encounter at the Pub we spoke of Sovereignty. During that day I recieved guidance that I am to find and synergize with those that hold the tone of Djedi, that of righteous service and sovereign alignment with Creator, working together to bring forth beauty in the world.

I share this with Anthony and come to find that they're are deep connections. That he has been connecting with groups that are aligned in certain aspects, such as the Templar. I share with him the Awakening Sovereignty Collective. Such is the kismet, the shared destiny, that we live in the reflection of our selves. As within, so without. So auspicious was our meeting that it appeared to me as a clear sign that I am moving closer to the realms that Spirit shared to me through the divination of meeting more aligned beings in service to creation.

At the Cloud we soon meet with Haven, who invites us to come to come share in fellowship at a sacred fire. Another realm-sign, a synchronicity that I interpret as an affirmation of my own vision in the prayer.


Anthony and I journey to the Fire Circle in the truck. Along the way we speak of his vision of signal fires going up the valley and the mountains, as a symbol of unity across the realms and of communion in prayer. We speak of how we're all connected, and that we are God experiencing itself through us.

The Great Shift happening on Earth comes up, and the massive changes happening in climate. "Do you think we'll make it through this?" Anthony asks. I respond, "I believe that it is useful to look at it as though we are in a great Purification. That all these great changes are happening for a reason, and that it is our shared Destiny to help usher in a new age on this planet. The time for redemption is now. This is what my own visions have affirmed to me. That everything is aligning this way to allow the New Earth to come through, one that is sustainable, heavenly and provides for humanity unconditionally."

We share our desire to be in deeply embracing community, one that's essence upholds the authenticity of each Spirit and the unique unscripted expression to come through. To be in communion with the divine and to live in harmony with the Earth, in a way that's never been done before. This vision keeps coming up of a roundtable fellowship, where it is a sacred hoop of leadership, rather than a top down pyramid of rulership. This we resonate with is the shared expression of mutual respect and sovereignty, that all gifts are honored in coming to the surface.

We arrive to the forest and head to the stone pit where the fire has been lit by Haven, who is busy doing something in his car. Anthony constructs a sacred circle around the perimeter of the area for protection during our journey. I bring in a few sacred items to adorn our space by the fire.

Haven offers us both medicine, and we both accept. I say a prayer by the fire, and set the intention on this medicine journey to gain a deeper understanding of my Destiny, the Mythica, and to touch deeper into natures gifts...

Anthony and I head out of the circle to find wood. We are led up a path to where a large stump lay, and we attempt to handle it. It is much too large. I now feel the medicine moving through my body. I feel my awareness expanding and my senses sharpening and blending. Laughing at our attempt at the stump we move further into the night and navigate the land up a hill, where we find a perfect lay out of dry sticks and branches, as though perfectly placed for us.

We grab them up and give thanks, and I see Anthony wander further up the hill, wondering to myself where he is going. As I follow him up the bend we arrive to a small fire pit with perfectly placed rocks. He lays his sticks down on the pit. I follow after him.

I come to the other side of the pit and look down the hill, to see the fire down at the base where we started. It makes a line from the headlights of the car to the fire at the bottom to where we stand, and looking at Anthony I realize this is the fulfillment of the vision we spoke of on the way here.

"Let's make this fire like a work of art." Anthony says. We begin placing parts of the woods into the pit, creating a beautiful layout. Anthony lights it and the most incredible heavenly scent, one of the most blissful smells I've ever smelled, emanates from the grasses and branches, as though the forest was blessing us for making this fire with such care.

As the fire sparks and lights I feel its power, as though all of creation and the very spark of life was invoked in its presence. It is such power. Every movement of the fire I feel within me. The wind suddenly roars up from the land and the fire reaches out and touches my face, yet I feel no pain, in fact it felt friendly. I had no fear of it. The elements suddenly got more intense, something I would usually take cover from, yet we sat there embracing it all.

I start to feel the subtle lay energies of the land moving through my form. Visceral is the feeling of becoming sensitive to the land. I feel everything as an extension of my Self, with no separation. I am the Sacred Land. Now everything is alive. Everything is buzzing with life and energy and creativity. I am in communion with life itself, but on the denser surface planes of awareness prior to this I was not aware of it in the viscera of experience. This is direct perception.

I look up to the stars and there is yet more life. Every bit of space and every star is buzzing with energy and life, and is as eager to commune with me as I am with it. A net of connections and strands of light connect the stars, forming living constellations. A star draws my attention and as I focus on it its light expands into a six pointed star made of rainbow irredescent light...

Golden Eagle started his talk on Star knowledge speaking of the six pointed star and how it came to him during his communion with the Stars and Star Beings in ceremony during an early initation in his journey.

Such is the constellation of synchronicity, that we are all connected in the Great Story.

I am writing this story presently from the Pub, and look up to to see a geometry with six facets holding six pointed stars...clear realm sign.

As my perception returns to the land and the fire, I feel the Deva, the living intelligence and consciousness of the Sacred Land. My relationship with it has changed, while my relationship with my Self is changing. I am living in a Sacred Mirror. The textures that make up the Land are the textures that make up me. As I clear my Self I clear my relationship with the land, allowing deeper magick, embodiment and robustness to come through my experience.

It becomes clear through the night that this is the medicine for Humanity. To heal our Selves of distortions, so that we may be in Right Relationship, which is reflected in the manifestations in the Land. The distortions manifested on Earth are the distortions of our Selves.

We return to the base fire at the bottom of the hillside and join with Haven, where I witness his most Mythic embodiment. His stories roll with richness and poignancy. I look at the fire and reflect on how we are always seeking Hearth, how we are always seeking warmth, comfort and fellowship in its myriad forms through our earthly days. The cutting cold keeps us huddled, and constantly feeding this fire.

What stories do I bring to the fire? What stories do we carry to the many forms of the Hearth, our places of warmth and fellowship? Many a soul wonders with such heavy burdens that they call their own, laying them down at every stop to the weary, the bold and the complacent.

Now I know I must carry the story of the Mythica to the Hearth, and share the magic. I must take with me and share the story of how we're all connected, that we can redeem our Selves and through doing so heal our relationship with the Sacred Land, and thus heal the Earth.

Haven retreats to his car, Anthony stays by the fire and I go to the truck to warm up. It wont start. I trust it is God's purposing, that something larger than me is orchestrating things. I know it is for a reason. I attempt to sleep in the cab but it is too cold, and I laugh at my attempts to warm my toes. For a moment things seem bleak in the darkness. I focus on my breath. I say to my Self, "I know that I will shift Realms soon."

I look out of the window and see the first blink of dawn. I decide to get out and look around. The fire is out, and I do not see Anthony, so I head to the top of the hillside to witness the sun cast light over the valley.

I wonder up further towards a cliff and see Anthony way up on the rock face, hugging the beloved stone. He feels me and looks back, locking eyes in the distance. He decends and we meet shortly, exchanging amazement at the beauty of the valley with awe - no words.

Back at the Sacred Fire in the basin we converge...

"We are the Sacred Land. We must honor the Sacred Land." I say looking at Anthony. "Would you say this is correct?" He glances at me and replies "Yes." Thus begins the Law of the Land. This is the essence of Sovereignty, to be free enough to allow outdated imaginary concepts of 'Law' to fall away, and to meet in concil with other sovereign beings to feel into what is true and authentic in the Now.

"We are the Sacred Land. We must honor the Sacred Land." It feels so good to say, as though Nature is speaking right through my lips...

The sun is just about to emerge
And anticipation of the warmth of the suns rays builds...
When suddenly the snow begins...
Yet further embracing the elements, we delight in the shifting of Nature's composition.

We celebrate and I serve chrysanthemum tea warmed over coals in a teapot found in the Free Box in town, and serve it to us in a singing bowl. We sip in delight from cinnamon sticks that we're placed in the bowl by Joshua earlier in the Journey when he borrowed the singing bowl. We laugh at the beauty of how the elixer was divinely orchestrated. It was not planned out.

In prayer we continue with the fire, even in the blistering cold and pouring snow. I look at Anthony, "I heard there is a cave nearby, perhaps we can take shelter there." He asks, "Do you know where it is?" I respond, "Not exactly, but I have a feeling..."

Looking to the distance, to the cliff I found Anthony climbing I yell "Brothers and Sisters in the forest, I know you're there! With a cave in which we can dwell!"

Using our rational, we decide to head back towards town, where Anthony says he has shelter and sanctuary for us to warm up in. Walking the way we discuss the mythic journey we just took together. On the way I share with him what I was contemplating about the stories we carry to our Hearths. Anthony looks at me, and says in realization, "Tales of the Hearth." I know now this is an epic story to share on the Mythica.

Anthony: "We are Living Legends." Such is the Truth.

The Art of Arriving

I am unknowing of what awaits us. Such is the Art of Arriving. Where the larger choreography is witnessed as a true convergence of synchrony. This is the essence of synchronicity.

We arrive to the Sanctuary, and upon opening the door we are greeted by Queen of Dragons Patricia Faust, and by Peter Fae's old companion, the Great Wolf North. A proof of the Physics of the Quest, and other core principals of the Mythica, an affirmation from God that it is real, a response to my very prayers the night before...

The Quest Continues. Visit into the Mythica, or if you are on my timeline, close this to continue reading.

Later in the journey I come to find that Anthony is featured in the Mythica in Patricia Faust's Story 'Rescuing Young Arthur from the Dark Gypsy'.

Created By
Joshua Faust


All photos and story by me, except photo of Anthony and I in the snow taken by Patricia Faust. Some articles and a video linked to are by Peter Fae.

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