Experience our Academics preparing students to be lifelong learners

College Prep Courses

Since opening our doors in 2000, Holy Family has educated nearly 2000 graduates for their next step in life. For the 99-100% of our students, that next step is college. We offer Honors and AP courses across our curriculum, but even students who choose to forgo those classes are ready for college. Because it isn't just knowledge we share with our students; it is the skillset required to write, communicate, manage and prioritize time, and advocate for yourself that eventually leads to success.

Thoughtful Faculty

Our Lasallian philosophy of educates promotes the understanding that students learn through caring and respectful student-teacher relationship. The motto goes: Touching hearts. Teaching minds. Transforming lives. Students are known by more than their names. They are known and taught according to their strengths and challenges, because we all have them!

Hands-on Learning

Students interested in the sciences and evolving technologies will thrive in our fully-appointed science labs and innovation center. All sciences include a lab component. Our small class sizes allow for small lab groups of 2-3 students so that each student has the opportunity to access laboratory spaces as needed, and to apply the knowledge learned in the classroom to lab applications, experimentations, and investigations.

Personalized Education (CANVAS)

High school is designed to be a time of personal discovery as students begin to think about future careers and vocations. Guest speakers from our Holy Family network of experienced professionals share real-life experience and advice. Students are guided through career and college exploration processes as they discover the plans God has designed for them.


Our school currently operates with a bring your own device technology for individual use. Students are able to work with the tool that best suits their personal learning style, while receiving assistance with difficulties from our tech department. Classrooms are outfitted with Smartboard technology and where needed laptop and iPad carts. Three computer labs allow students to work on a desktop or earn proficiency in software.