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My name is Lily Armstrong, and I'm a High schooler in Michigan. I really enjoy making art, and walking outside to get inspiration from nature and just admiring the world that God created. My favorite medium would probably be watercolor, but I also like working and experimenting with other mediums as well. I'm also very inspired by the shows I watch, comics I read, and seeing others work on platforms like Pinterest. I also really love animals and currently own three cats, an Australian Shepard, two mini lop rabbits, a crested gecko and a Russian tortoise, but I would love to have more in the future.

This is our logo package. The assignment was to create a logo for an imaginary coffee shop. My family is from Texas so I decided to make my logo a star for The Lone Star State. Along with the star I wanted something coffee related, since it is a coffee shop, so I added a mug inside the star. I'm pretty happy with how the finished product turned out, although if I were to do it again I would defiantly do some things differently based on what I learned from this one.

For this Creative assignment we had to create an eye that somehow reflects our personality. I added a spiral as one of the eyes because I worry a lot and a spiral is often used to demonstrate anxiety and worry. I also made one of the eyebrows raised because I make this face a lot. Lastly, I felt it was lacking something so i added drops of my favourite colour so that it would be more 'me' like the assignment required.

For this assignment we drew the same object from a few different angles. I chose a crested gecko because I have a pet crested gecko. This was defiantly a challenge for me; animals are not my specialty.

For this one the assignment was to use negative space to create a drawing. I really struggled with this one, using negative space was really confusing for me and I could not decide what to draw for it and once I did decide what I was going to draw, it did not turn out exactly the way I wanted it to (Below). I tried redoing it to see if I could make it better and ended up going with a completely different idea that I was a little happier with, although it was still a struggle for me (Left).

This one the assignment was to create a random poem. I got a book from a free book sale at my local library and then looked through it circling words that stood out to me. Then I went through and tried to find sentences with those word and in the end, picked my favorite of the sentences I created. This was probably one of my favorite assignments; it was so fun to find sentences out of different sentences and it was something I'd never done before.


Created with images by Unknown - "Royalty-Free photo: Brown and black iguana | PickPik" • Pexels - "animal iguana lizard"