Camera parts thingymabob By:Sabrina thomas


The casing surrounds the camera,and protects the camera itself also it holds all the parts of the camera in place. The outer case prevents light from coming in contact with the film before its the picture is being taken


Opens and closes between the lense of the film,controls how long the is exposed to the light,when it is opened it exposes the film,Then after it is open for a certain amount of time it closes


A curved piece of glass that Redirects the beams of light bouncing off the object so they can come together and form an image.


The film has several layers and each of the layers has emulsion recording, There are different color between the layers is a filter coating which stops the light from going any deeper than the layer that is sensitive to the color


the flash circuit makes a short flash of a bright light when the shutter is realesed which causes the room that is dark to have a light in the picture


The purpose for this is to conduct an electrical current by moving electrons from one electron to another



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