Show. Interact. Create. Libby Bost


Lesson Objective: Recognize that words and pictures work together to create a story. Identify that illustrations correlate to the words on the page and there is order to a story.

"Show" activity: Peruse a handful of books with the class, point out the pictures and their correlation with the words on the page.


Lesson Objective "Interact": Students will discover the basic structure of a story through practice of identifying the pictures with the words.

"Interact" Activity:

- Teacher will read Which Pet Do I Get? by Dr. Seuss

- Teacher will read the words on the page and not show students the pictures

- Teacher will ask students what they think the picture will be based on the words read aloud to them followed by showing them the actual picture


"Create" Objective: Demonstrate and show that words and pictures create a story. Illustrate how the pictures must correlate to the words on the story through illustrating booklets given by the teacher.

"Create" Activity:

-Teacher gives each student a unique paper book that has the story written in it already

-Students have to illustrate the book themselves

-Students will then read their book aloud to the class and show them the pictures


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