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This year in science so far my favorite experiment we have done this year in science obviously is when we got to make SLIME/gak with also having to do a mystery powder, making cheese and bath bomb. I really enjoyed when we got to make slime. The recipe we used is 1 bottle of glue. Elmer's glue. Mixed with 1 cup of water. Mix glue with water. Add the food color but it's optional. Then make a mixture of 1 teaspoon of borax and 1 cup of hot/warm water. Finally add the borax solution to the glue and water. Just keep mixing till you enjoy the texture. add more of the borax solution if it is to liquidy. From this experiment i learned that the mystery powder can change temperatures so don't touch powders that u don't know what contain. I also learned how to make SLIME!!

My least favorite experiment we did the year is when we got to use matches to light a stick. then blow it out. finally barely touch the burning hot stick to the yeast. I didn't like it because it smelled bad and the hall ways smell like smoke. if we are using fire and it smelled like smoke then I smelled like smoke. What i learned from this experiment is that you can relight a stick with out using fire.

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