My Winter Break By: Isabella Feltman

Winter Break was so much fun. I could not of asked for a better break. It was full of memories and never stop fun. I was never at my house until the last few days of break. I was able to sleep in and not have to think. I'm just waiting for the next break to come.

The first thing I did over break was I went to a house party that my friend threw. The house party was so fun and I saw all my friends and stayed up all night dancing away. We all hung out dancing listening to music,disco lights, fog machine and eating food.

One day I hung out with several friends On new years day. It started pouring down rain when we were stuck outside. We got soaked and we were just walking in the rain. Finally after a whole day of being in the rain we were finally 10 mins away from getting picked up. We went into a a pool and went to the bathrooms so we could stay out of the rain. In the bathroom we were ringing out our shirts and by the time we left the girls and boys bathrooms were wet inside from everyone ringing out there shirts and there hair dripping wet. After that we went to our friends house and had a mini little party for New years.

My Friends all hung out on New years and had food and drinks and stayed up till 12:00. It was such a fun day making memories with may favorite people.

Soon Christmas hit and I was so excited because I saw all my family and got some many fun things. I got money,gift cards, clothes, and games. My family ate dinner and we all played all the games untill everyone went home. It was such a fun day.

It was my friends birthday and we went to Irvine spectrum and went shopping, lunch, dinner and dragon breath. dragon breath was so cool because its soaked in liquid nitrogen and so when you eat it, it looks like you are breathing out smoke which they call dragon breath.


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