Sally Ride First american woman in space

sally ride was born on May 26 2951 in los angeles . Sally ride played football watch the boys because she believed she could do anything. .sally was good at tennis, football and baseball. Sally even skept a grade! In 11 grade Sally's science teacher Dr.Mommaerts was very helpful in that study. Sally moved to a college in pa called swarthmore college but there was no indoor tennis courts so she was only got play tennis a little bit. She beat all of the best players and dropped out of college full time to play tennis Sally realized that she was good at tennis but wasn't great. Sally goes back to school at Stanford university. She graduated with 2 degrees which were in physics and english. After, she continued her education and received master's and doctorate degrees. She was now an astrophysicist which is a person who studies what things are made of in space like the stars.There were 208 people to interview and Sally ride was one of them people to interview. Sally went through one week of interviewing. In 1979 Sally finished her first year of training. When Sally was working her job was to design a fifty foot long space shuttle robotic arm. Sally was chosen to ride in one of the space shuttle. In July 1982 Steve and Sally got married.

Sally was going into outer space in June 18 1983 Sally arrived back to earth in June 18 1983. Once Sally retired from NASA she became a professor in physics and founded in her own business called Sally ride science.nasa send Sally all over to talk about her experience. Sally did interviews but she did not like doing them.began working for NASA on June 18, 1983

Sally launched of in the Kennedy space center cape canaveral, Florida. But everything was controlled in Houston. Sally was in space for 6 days.sally was the only woman in the shuttle there was 4 other men in the shuttle at the flight she disliked the g- forces because it pushed her against her seat it was eight and a half minutes till she reached outer space. Once Sally was finaly in space she was floating around and having fun.Sally worked for Stanford as a scientist and then she moved to the university of California, San Diego where she became a director of the California space institute. Sally wrote a book called “to space and back,” the first project Sally invented for kids was called KidSat and NASA helped design it the project allowed students at three different schools to make up with science experiments to let astronauts do during the space shuttle missions. In 2003 she was voted in the astronaut hall of fame. Sally became a professor in physics and Sally founded in a business called Sally ride science. Sally died July 23, 2012 due to pancreatic cancer.

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