Good Life Tour of the Harn By kristy conrad

Medium of the Art

The african exhibit of the museum is really something you have to experience in person. Viewing photos online of these african sculptures really won't do them justice. I experienced this feeling with this specific African Masquerade here. It's called Okakagbe Masquerade Costume. In photos it just looks like an African costume, but when you see it up close you really see all of the detail and it becomes so much more beautiful. It's made of cotton so it's not like the other stone sculptures. It really brings out the African culture because you can picture someone wearing it. I could tell a lot of effort went into the design of this masquerade costume. The colors, shapes, and patterns show the Africans wanted their performance to be beautiful and that this was very important to them. Seeing this art in person really let me connect to and understand more of the spiritual side of their culture.

Design of the Museum

The exhibit that had the prettiest design to me was the David A. Cofrin Asian Art Wing. It looked a lot different from the rest of the museum; the walls and floors were hardwood, which gave it a peaceful mood. It was also very open, with no walls in the middle of the room. This added to the serenity because you could stand in the wide open and still see everything. My favorite parts of this exhibit were the gardens. You could see them through the windows, which was beautiful, or even go walk in them. This was so different from the rest of he museum that it intrigued me the most. The walls had glass cabinets full of vases, stoneware, and china that added to the mood. This exhibit was beautiful which really enhanced my enjoyment.

Art and Core Values

A piece of artwork that really spoke to one of my core values was "The Woodcutter" by Robert Gwathmey. This piece shows African American sharecroppers in the rural south. There's a theme of social and racial inequality here which I am fully against. One of my core values is equality, and I believe all men are created equal. The segregation in this oil painting really triggered my feelings towards this time in history, and even now. Social inequality is unfair and I'm disheartened that it is still around today. This painting goes against my values of freedom and liberty, both which these men didn't. It is obvious they were living a poor life because of their tragedy clothes and labor intensive work. It is because of their ethnicity they are segregated, and this painting really brought up some emotions of sadness and anger because of what it shows. I feel strongly about my core value of equality, which this painting portrays the opposite of.

Art and the Good Life

In order to live the Good Life, you most love; and this is shown in this Indian sculpture called Uma-Mahesvara. It portrays the Hindu god Shiva and his lover Uma, embracing each other with love. This sculpture drew my attention because it's very different from the rest. Most of the sculptures I saw for just of single, alone men; but this one shows a relationship, or a spirit drawing desire between the two. This sculpture made me think of the story Symposium. We can tell these two are in love because of the way they are portrayed, however, we do not know what their belief on love is. This really made me think because I believe they are living the Good Life, but I do not know how they are living it; but these two are in a loving embrace so I do know they are living it together.


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