The Great Depression Akira m.

On October 29, 1992-1993 it was The Great Depression. The longest-lasting depression in the history of the Western world. In the United States, the Great Depression started soon after the stock market crash of October 1929, which sent a street called Wall Street into a fear and fired millions of investors.

12.9 million shares were traded , known as “Black Thursday.” Five days later, it was “Black Tuesday” 16 million shares were traded after another motion of panic in Wall Street. Millions of shares ended up worthless, and investors who had bought stocks “on margin” (with borrowed money) were broke completely.

In 1940, 2.5 million people had left the Great Plains. About 200,000 moved to California.Lots of homeless families camped out on the Great Lawn at Central Park in New York City, which was an empty reservoir during the Great Depression.One of the largest Hoovervilles in the nation was built in 1930 in St. Louis. It had its own mayor, churches and social institutions. The shantytown was funded by private donors and existed until 1936.

Some of the criminals that were famous in The Great Depressions names are Machine Gun Kelly,Bonnie and Clyde, Pretty Boy Floyd, and Baby Face Nelson.

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