Destruction Preventer By Sonata Arctica


1999 | Metal

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“Now tell me who won here tonight, the price, of winning worthless fight. -- We'll make the same mistakes again, unless, this is truly the end."


  • The band hails from Kemi, Finland, where they started as a hard rock band named Tricky Beans, later Tricky Means and eventually Sonata Arctica.
  • Vocalist & keyboardist Tonny Kakko was the only member of the band to appear on the fifteenth anniversary re-recording of the album.
  • Most of the album was recorded in the band members' own home studios, during breaks from their Pariah's Child World Tour.
  • The original recording of Ecliptica wasn't recorded to a click track.


Luke Tatum

Matthew Broderick, Dabney Coleman, Ally Sheedy, John Wood, Barry Corbin. We are now at DEFCON 1. Anything even tangentially related to mutually assured destruction gets me thinking about the classic 1983 film, War Games. No matter how you work it out, using weapons of such astounding destructive force seems irresponsible at best. Love all the intensity and the "squeedle-dee" soloing--it's a bit like Dragonforce. So how do we resolve a situtaion where multiple countries have nuclear weapons? Never fire them off. But then, why have them at all? I'm afraid the genie can't be put back in the bottle. If every country but one denuclearized, the one that still had nukes could terrorize all the others. It's a bit like surrendering guns to the state, I suppose. If all the destructive force is left to one party, there's no way you can trust them with that power. "The only winning game is not to play."

Sherry Voluntary

Ooooooh I like this one. Reminds me of Scorpions on speed. I was around 12 years old during the end of the cold war. I vividly remember watching the Berlin wall being dismantled. That wall was such a symbol of the divide between the US and Soviet Union. It loomed large in the minds of most and was so tragic to witness the disparity from one side to the next. The fear of the Soviets was palpable through my childhood. I remember feeling such relief when it came down. So this song really resonated with me. Nuclear war was a fear that we actually lived with. Not only did politicians and the media play it up, but we had drills during school. There were actually many nights I went to bed worried about it. Maybe that experience as a child is one reason I’m so passionate about anarchism. These massive States hold so much power that they can literally terrify millions if not billions of people with their tensions and conflict. While they do a good job convincing most people that they’re safer because of them, many people are waking up to the fact that States are not the protectors, but rather the predators upon humanity.

Nicky P

Nukes. The great equalizer. If you want a seat at the world stage you find a way to get them. You can't be a serious nation without a way to participate in mutually assured destruction. North Korea being the greatest modern example of this. Take note of how we've waged war since the technology started to proliferate. We don't start wars with people, we posture with proxy wars in other nations. Had we maintained the founders path and avoided entangling alliances perhaps a moot point. The general idea behind nukes as a weapon and as a deterrent of war is plainly visible and frankly is just the nation state equivalent of an armed society is a peaceful society. Nobody fucks with a nation that can destroy them...at least not directly. Most of this song is flowery imagery about what danger nuclear weapons possess. While i see some merit in the premise of Mutually Assured Destruction, I also have to question it's effects on the psyche of the world. I know it's been a fear of mine for as long as I remember. It's something frankly i think would be less of a concern in a world where central banks couldn't rob citizenry to finance war projects. Without an organization like the FED we are unlikely to see the resources necessary to create these amassed, my guess is they'd shift to things like energy.

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Nicky P