Happy 5th Birthday To my little one

February 21, 2012 at Santa Clara, CA. - I fell in love with this beautiful little boy. I can't get my eyes off you. Even the physical pain I felt fades away every time I see your little face. Oh how you changed my life. So wonderful, so precious....

First time I carried you in my arms.
Going home, you always wanted to be beside me and I felt like the crib was not your favorite place at all. You wanted to be carried and feel my presence all the time.

Months gone by and little by little you are learning new things and new skills. I don't want this moment to pass by with out recording and taking pictures of every little things you do. You always amaze me my little one.

We always go to the park and seeing you being mesmerized by all the new things you see makes me so happy.
Feeding you is the most fun part. Challenging but fun. You are very curious on every little thing.
Books, play and sleep all day long. This is how our usual day runs after we drop off your brother and sister to school.

You always love playing with water.

Tita Lorie's bath tub
Kids Place Children's Museum
Summer fun time - swimming at Indio, CA

You're always going to be the loving, sweet little brother. You make us laugh and makes every time so entertaining.

Halloween 2014
Who's the fastest? 3 wheel scooter, 2 wheel scooter or the Heely. Mommy, you forgot to bring out our helmets.
Kuya, you rock!!

You are always full of energy and excitement.

Look at my hair mommy!

I'm a soccer rocker! I rock even my pants is wet. No, its just water everyone.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALDRICK. We love you so much!! You will always be my little one.

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