Good Life Nature Activity By: Noah Wentzel

The skeletal structure of a Wooly Mammoth puts nature on display inside the Florida Museum of Natural History. The design of the exhibit is interesting to me because it reveals the huge overwhelming size of the animal. I was able to learn about the natural world through this exhibit because it displays the real world size of how large these animals used to be. The display is able to show the evolution of the animals on the planet over time. My experience at the museum was enjoyable because I was able to appreciate the natural world and question what I know about it.

Nature and Ethics:

The museum provided me the opportunity in ways that love, respect, and admire nature. The ability to be around nature and experience it makes one appreciate and be wondered by nature as a whole. I felt very content and interested as I went through the museum and experienced its exhibits. The museum allows the visitors to experience nature through its butterfly garden and exhibits. One can interact with butterflies that exist in nature and appreciate their beauty. My experience in the museum gave me a greater appreciation for nature and supported an ethical responsibility to admire, love, and respect nature.

The Natural Museum enables one to step out of their ordinary lives by giving them the opportunity to experience something that they do not encounter in their daily lives. They are able to see nature and appreciate its beauty. The museum helps us understand that we are just another animal in the world, and that we are a small part of the things that exist on the planet. It leads the visitor to question how this all came to be and why everything exists how it does.
Created By
Noah Wentzel

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