Wind blade CEE BY: QuanIsha Hill

Claim - The variable that increased the power of the wind turbine the most was the angle of the blades. Another variable that seemed important was the mass of the materials it wasn't essential because they didn't produce much power.
Evidence - When the angle of the blade was zero degrees there was no reaction, no mass, no distance. But when we angled the blades at ten degrees it had 56.5 watts of power. Then we angles the balades at thirty degrees and it used 0.20 watts of power. The higher the angle the lower the power. But when we changed the mass our big cardboard blades did more work than the small blades made from folder. The cardboard blades had a mass of 0.30 kg and the power was 0.01 watts. The folder blades had a mass of 0.8 kg and the power was 0 watts. The heavier the blade the higher the power.
Explanation - We got this data because Newton's third law states, for every action there is an equal and opposite reation. The action of wind pushing air against the blade causes the reaction of the blade being pushed. Because the blades were set at an angle, the wind is deflected at an opposite angle, pushing the blades away from the deflected wind.

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