Why use a professional property photographer? It can save you time and make you money! How?? Read on to find out!

With every body being a photographer today, it's easy to get lost amongst who are the pro's and who are the budding amateurs. With phones bursting with cameras & image editing apps, it can appear to easy to "just do your own". Quite often these will be ok but won't have that wow that your competitors have! Why? Your competitors used a professional photographer and they gave it that wow!

Spot the difference! Can you spot the images taken by a pro photographer as opposed to an Estate agent with a camera in this real screen shot from Rightmove???
The lights are on but no horrid orange glow!

Image Quality: It's not just about the camera. You can have the worlds most expensive camera and if you don't know how to use it, the pics will still look awful! It's the main get out Agents use to politely say no thanks when I call them up! Getting the verticals straight, the colours balanced perfectly, those horrid orange lightbulbs neutralised. It all comes as part of the package with a pro photographer. Quality photos inspire confidence in your brand!

Showing those wide open connecting spaces really helps people imagine the house!

You Get What You Sow: If your listings look bland and grey, dull & uninspiring, that's what you'll get back! The Vendors of those gorgeous houses on Suchandsuch Rd, that you've always wanted to get into and sell won't even look at your agency. People do more than buy houses from places like Right Move. They buy people too. That means you! One of the best agents I work for pick up instruction after instruction from people wanting to buy a property they've got listed! Their first impression came from the photos they saw on-line!

When you change a sky it has to look realistic! This was a really grey day where it was trying its hardest to rain.

Equipment: I've spent years learning, buying and developing my kit bag. Its not just the kit in it though, its the person behind the Lens. Me! Years of photographing houses, flats, apartments has taught me that this lens works best here, and I need to do this here, and that sofa needs to move 2" that way to get that eye catching shot! Coming back to the kit bag, I'll pretty much guarantee that the glass I use on the front of my top end pro camera cost more than your whole kit. That's not a brag, they are my tools. Look at it this way, I've got a power drill. Doesn't mean I can be a "professional" builder. Again Quality Equals Quality!

It's simple to add your branding to every picture.

Brand Identity: Brand is everything these days. In a busy market place you need to stand out. Fantastic branded pictures will do exactly that for you. Choose where you want your logo and see just how impactful it can be at imprinting your brand in the mind of your potential customers.

Easy on-line booking makes you look even more professional!

Saving You Time, Making You Money! Yes, it seriously will! If it means being out of the office for another hour imagine what you are missing? You could be using that time to get another instruction, finalise that sale, catch up for the first time in ages!

Just imagine opening a folder on your desktop and in it are the photos and floorplans for that property you got last week. Too good to be true? Not at all. Its the way forward. Whilst you sit with your customer bring up the available slots in my diary from your phone. Book me in, then 24-36 hours after the appointment your images are done! Sat waiting in a folder on your PC, ready to look fantastic in your listings whether on-line or in your shop window! Just think of all that time & hassle you've saved by getting it all done for you! Simple really isn't it?

While I'm there why don't I take over the doing of the floorplan? Save you even more time!
Created By
Steve Elliott


All Photos Steve Elliott (except the really rubbish one used in the example!)