What Canada Offers Me ? Shawn Ramjag

My Family

Coming to Canada was a big thing for me because for most of my life in lived in Guyana( In South America) with my aunt, uncle, and cousins while my mom, sister, brother lived here in Canada. My dad worked on a ship that delivered oil to countries all around the world and he would visit me five to seven times a year. My mom would visit once a year, some times twice but that was rare. As I grew up in Guyana my aunt raised me as if I was one of her sons. She did everything for me and she also taught me how do things for myself. On the 13, March will be my second year here in Canada but I really miss Guyana because that's where I grew up and that's where I meet some really loyal, kind, loving and polite people. I still call my aunt on the weekends to see how everyone is doing.

The toronto raptors

The Toronto Raptors is Canada's national basketball team. The Raptors aren't exactly the best team in the NBA but there not bad, There kinda in the middle but when they are playing well they can compete with the best teams. Even though the Raptors aren't the best they still get a lot of support from Canadians and fans around the world. The Raptors played there first game ever in 1995. The Raptors are currently fourth in the NBA standings with a record of 33 wins and 24 loses.

The reason I support the Raptors is because they are my home team and I like the players on the team. I don't really watch basketball that much so I don't keep up to date with the Raptors and their games but some of my friends are really into basketball so I just listen when they are talking about the Raptors. Another reason I like the Raptors is because of their logo, I also like the design of the outfits that the team wears.

The canadian flag

The Canadian flag is one of the most recognized flags around the world. Canada earned it's current flag on the 15 February 1965. But before there were a lot of flag submissions to the National Flag Committee for a flag for Canada but they were all denied. George Stanley was the man that did a majority of the design for the Canadian flag, he was also the dean of arts at the Royal Military College Of Canada. In the 19th century, the Maple Leaf was recognized as a Canadian Emblem and that's why there is a Maple Leaf in the middle of the current Canadian flag.

I like the Canadian flag because of it's history and the way it looks.You have to think about the fact that there were a lot of flag submissions, which means we could have had a different flag representing Canada and we would have never known about this one but this one was chosen and was different from the others because of the color and because of the emblem in the middle( Maple Leaf ). I think that the National Flag Committee made a great choose by choosing this flag, I would have chosen it too if it was up to me.

The End

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Shawn Ramjag


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