My Journey To penelope and telemachus

On the coast of Cicones, I killed lots of men who fought. My men wanted to take everything. I told them not to, but for some reason they wouldn't listen to me. They are very foolish. We didn't set sail for until the next day. Zeus, however, had a different idea. We stayed another three nights. We drifted nine days on the angry sea.
We arrived to the coastline of the lotus eaters. I had a few of my men look around the land to make sure it was suitable for us to rest. They came across the lotus flowers. I told my men to not eat them, but they did not listen to me. The flower didn't cause any harm to them just memory loss. The lotus flower caused them to not want to go home. It made them want to stay there forever. I gathered all my men and we left.
We arrived at an unknown island and saw some delicious cheese. We sat around a fire and ate. All of a sudden we heard a noise. We turned and saw a huge giant He dumped the things he was holding and we all scattered to the sides to hide. A bunch of lambs and rams followed him. You would have never believed it! He had one huge eye and was gigantic. He put a huge bolder in front of our only exit. He sat down and finally noticed us. He wanted to know why were there. I told him that we got blown off course and we would help out with anything he needed.
Suddenly he picked up two of my men. He banged him against the wall, which broke their head and then ate them!! We knew that we needed to get out as soon as possible so we gave him some wine to help him fall asleep. He asked me what my name was so I told him that everyone back home calls me "Nohbdy". Once he fell asleep we started to burn up a huge branch to put in his eye. We poked his eye with the branch! He was screaming out for help but nobody came because he was screaming "Nohbdy hurt me" We escaped by hiding underneath the lambs and rams! I was relieved once we got out.
We came across the Island of Aeolia. Here Aeolia gave me a bag of wind. He told me to not open the bag. This was because it blow us all the way back. I told my men to not open it up until we would need it.
On the island of the Laestrygonians we came across gigantic cannibals. All of our ships, but one, got destroyed, Their crews got eaten.
We met The Enchantress Circe. She prepared a meal for my men. All of a sudden they turned into pigs. They didn't know that they were turned into pigs, until they all saw each other. I knew I needed to leave and get this fixed. I went to the Land of the Dead and then came back to Circe. Circe warned me about these insane creatures we would soon encounter.
I went to the land of the Dead to learn my destiny. I went to see Teiresias, he is a famous blind prophet. I needed to sacrifice a black lamb, in order to hear his words. I saw many souls down there. Men and women of all ages. He told me that I would survive alone and when I would come back there would be lots of trouble.
Circe warned us about the Sirens. They were women with beautiful voices. Anyone who heard their voices would end up staying there forever. She told me to have my men put beeswax in their ears so they wouldn't be tempted. Also, that if I wished to listen, my men needed to tie me down & the more I scream, the more tighter they would tie it.
Circe also warned us about Scylla and Charybdis. Scylla was huge and had 12 legs that looked like tentacles. She had 6 heads, she would take 6 men from each ship to feed each mouth. She had rows and rows of fangs. Charybdis lurks below the deep ocean. She comes up 3 times a day to eat. She sucks up everything near her.
My crew and I arrived at Thrinakia after passing through all the other obstacles. I was warned to not stop here. However my men begged me to let them stop here. We made an oath to not touch the cattle. We weren't able to leave for a bit because terrible winds were blowing. I left a minute to go pray & I come back to find out that my men touched the cattle. Due to that Zeus sent a thunderbolt to my ship and killed all my men.
I found myself on an island with a Goddess, her name was Calypso. I stayed with her for a while. Mainly because she was lonely, and needed company. She wanted me to stay with her forever and I mean it when I say forever. Calypso offered me the gift of immortality. She didn't understand why I wanted to leave. I told her that I needed to get back to my beautiful wife, who I missed dearly.
On my way to the Palace of Alcinous I was stopped by a young girl. She helped guide me to the King's home. She kept me safe from people harming and harassing me. At the kings home I told him and his wife all about my travels. Once King Alcinous found out who I was, he sent me back home.


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