Welcome to America by - lydia hwang


I chose this project to welcome students who just came from overseas, to feel welcomed, and to make friends who could support you.

How I arrived at this inspiration

I arrived at this inspiration because my friends had hard time adapting the culture that is different from their culture.

How it relates to you on a personal level

Based on my experience as a new settler, living in America for the first time was scary and overwhelmed. But as you adapt to American lifestyle with people who are in same situation as you, you will adapt to America faster.

What do you want to know about your Social Issue Interest?

Are there other people who adapts easily to other country? How?

How fast did others adapt to the same situation?

What did they do to adapt faster?

Why your cohort should also consider this

Our cohort should also consider this because most of them are Korean-American and some students came from other country.

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