THUNDER EXPRESS January 2019 - Welcome Edition

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January 2019 - Welcome Edition

In This Issue
  • Pre Season Preparation
  • Ready, Set, Go
  • Orientation Evening
  • NPL & NPLW Introduction
  • You are Invited ....
  • Sponsor News
  • SWQ Thunder FC Welcome
  • Thunder & You
Welcome to the SWQ Thunder 2019 NPL Season!

Thunder Express is looking forward to the coming Football Season with great excitement and enthusiasm! We will be (hopefully) sharing important information, player/team successes, and, as always, just a little bit of gossip!

Thunder Express invités all of our players,coaches, managers and supporters to submit information throughout the year for inclusion in the Thunder Express Newsletter - contact us by private message to the SWQ Thunder FC Facebook Page.

Best of Luck throughout the (really really loooong) 2019 NPL QLD Football Season to all of our Thunder Family!

Pre Season Preparation

Pre Season is here, and fixtures are just around the corner too! It’s all happening in 2019 - below you can find pre Season match information! We hope to see our Thunder family on the sidelines!

Pre Season Matches

Senior Men - SWQ Thunder NPL

Silver Boot Competition - @ Lions FC, Brisbane

Game 1 of the Silver Boot competition was played on Tuesday 8th January verse Southside Eagles. Thunder lead early but eventually went down in a close match losing 2-1 on the night. There are two more games, so come along and support the Men and watch some great football.

  • Game 2 - Sunday 13th January @ 5.00pm vs Holland Park
  • Game 3 - Friday 18th January @ 8.30pm vs Lions FC

Senior Women - SWQ Thunder NPLW

  • Sunday 20th January @ 6pm vs Capalaba at John Frederick Park
  • Saturday 2nd February @ 4pm vs Western Pride at Briggs Rd, Ipswich

U/20 Youth Men - SWQ Thunder NPL

  • Saturday 19th January @ 5pm vs Souths at Wakerley Park

U/18 Girls - SWQ Thunder NPLW

  • Sunday 20th January @ 4pm vs Capalaba at John Frederick Park.
  • Saturday 2nd February @ 2pm vs Western Pride at Briggs Rd, Ipswich

U/18 Boys - SWQ Thunder NPL

  • Saturday 19th January @ 3pm vs Souths at Wakerley Park

U/15 Girls - SWQ Thunder NPLW

  • Saturday 19th January @ 2.30pm vs Capalaba at John Frederick Park

U/13 Girls - SWQ Thunder NPLW

  • Saturday 19th January @ 2.30pm vs Capalaba at John Frederick Park

Please note that there may be ongoing changes to pre season matches. Team Managers and Coaches will notify of any added games and/or changes. Please keep an eye on our SWQ Thunder FC Facebook Page for information.

Ready, Set, Go

Season Start

The Football QLD NPL 2019 Season kicks off on February 2nd! See below for a full list of where some of our teams will be taking to the field for the first game of the year!

Saturday 2nd February 2019 - Round 1

Where: Perry Park, 34 Folkestone Street, Bowen Hills

  • 6.15pm - Thunder Men vs Brisbane Strikers FC

Sunday 3rd February 2019 - Round 1

Where: Clive Berghofer Stadium, 47 Arthur St, Toowoomba

  • 9.00am - Thunder U13 Girls vs Lions FC
  • 10.30am - Thunder U13 Boys vs Gold Coast Knights
  • 12.00pm - Thunder U14 Boys vs Gold Coast Knights
  • 1.30pm - Thunder U15 Girls vs Lions FC
  • 3.30pm - Thunder U15 Boys vs Gold Coast Knights
  • 5.30pm - Thunder U16 Boys vs Gold Coast Knights

Where: Perry Park, 34 Folkestone Street, Bowen Hills

  • 2.00pm - Thunder U18 Boys vs Brisbane Strikers FC
  • 4.00pm - Thunder U20 Youth vs Brisbane Strikers

Good Luck to all Teams!

Orientation Evening

Orientation Night for all Junior players and SAP players is on Monday 14th January from 6.30pm-8.30pm in the Toowoomba Indoor Bowls Hall in Annand St, Toowoomba (Opposite Waltons Stores)

All players and parents are expected to be in attendance. This includes players that are called back for final selections at first training sessions. All Coaches for the above teams are required to be in attendance.

U18/U20/Senior Men & U18/Senior Women and Coaches are not required to attend.

Technical Director NPLW

Mr Kris Hemmerling

Welcome to another year in the WNPL. Leading into the season always brings a great element of excitement. This time, new coaches, new players new facilities. Under 13’s this season will have two Open Ladies players as coaches. I’m so happy with that. The girls have always had a great culture, this will only bring them closer. As a club we are striving to make our family club just that, a family. I’m often asked what I like most about football, yes I love good ball movement and nice play, but the friendships formed last a life time. Take our open ladies team. Again most are life friends and family. May this continue to grow.

I have arranged some trial games for our teams. This will put us in a good position for the season proper. Only time will tell how we perform, but I’d like you all to remember what development means. The girls teams always change. They are divided teams. u14-15 for example. Two age groups, who maybe have not played together before. New coaches. New team. We should not judge till the season is over.

I’d like to wish all our coaches, players and support crews the best of luck this season and remember we are a club growing. Developing. We are stronger together.

Regards, Kris Hemmerling


SWQ Thunder FC Open Ladies - NPLW 2019 Team
  • Lana Styler
  • Louise Rolfe
  • Jess Fry
  • Melanie Lloyd
  • Elizabeth Hollitt
  • Jordie Franke
  • Madison Franke
  • Gemma Cartwright
  • Chantal Frohloff
  • Shandell Robertson
  • Caitlyn Stocker
  • Hayley Gray
  • Rosie Peek
  • Emma Jackson
  • Madison Lockwood

Well done Ladies, SWQ Thunder looks forward to supporting you throughout the season!

Technical Director NPL

Mr Thiago Kosloski

Dear Athletes, Parents and Club Members,

It is with great pleasure we start the 2019 season. For me, who came from Brazil, where I was in command of the largest soccer academy in Latin America - where we trained more than 1,000 athletes for professional football and had more than 50 athletes placed in National Teams.

I am pleased to announce that we will start a new cycle within SWQ Thunder FC, with professionalism, respect and above all we will commit to always giving our best performance. I and the whole team at SWQ Thunder commit to providing our athletes with the best development environment for our athletes to have joy and satisfaction in being part of our teams.

Great season to everyone !!!,

Pro License Qualification - Thiago Kosloski

In December I had the honor of receiving the invitation of the Brazilian Football Confederation to be part of the Licensed Pro 2018 group.

For me it was an incredible experience because I had contact with some of the best COACHES in the world. I believe that there is not a course of coaches in the world where you have as students 3 coaches who are champions of the world.

Being among the best coaches in Brazil selected for the maximum qualification that a coach can receive, for me was a source of great joy and I hope to qualify my work here at SWQ Thunder FC even more.

With Dunga Brazilian captain when Brazil win the World Cup 1994 in the United States. Dunga was the Brazil head coach in 2010 World Cup South Africa. Jorginho one of the best fullbacks in the history he won the World Cup 1994 with Brazil!

(Dunga, Thiago, Jorginho)

Background Picture:

Here with Mano Menezes this coach command Brazil Silver Medal in Londres (Olympic Games) one of the most successful coaches in world football.

Above picture: Paulo Roberto Falcao one of the biggest midfield player in football history, Rueda Head Coach from Chile National Team and TITE actual Brazil National Coach.


Senior Men Signings
José Evanderson Freitas de Medeiros & Douglas De Souza Ferreira

(Sooooo we will definately be sticking with first names only! But have fun trying to pronounce their full names - phew!)

SWQ Thunder FC are pleased to have signed 2 professional Brazilian footballers to the 2019 Men’s squad! Jose & Douglas will be joining us in Australia in the coming weeks and the entire Thunder family extends a very warm welcome to both men.

  • Matthew Eilers
  • Matthew Hull
  • Jose Evanderson Freitas de Medeiros (aka Vandinho)
  • Douglas de Souza Ferreira
  • Wade Hall
  • Jacob Bigby
  • Kimba Kibombo
  • Emmanuel Philip
  • Anthony Grant
  • Jackson Franke
  • Mitchell Hunter
  • James Egeta
  • Lathan Dunn
  • Riley Lobwein
  • Brent Pedlow
  • Fletcher McDonald
  • Nykodah Smith
  • Keanu Tuart
  • Luke Lister
  • Anthony Passante
  • Daniel Weber

Congratulations to all!

Thunder Board Members 2019

Introducing our SWQ Thunder FC Board Members for 2019. Thunder Express thanks all of our hardworking Board Members for their time, experience and efforts!

  • Mandy Adams - Chairman
  • Jason Hall - Vice Chairman - High Performance
  • Jon Haynes - Director - Finance Manager
  • Laurie Passante - Director - Media & Engagement
  • Sue Lister - Director - Football Operations Assistant
  • Danny Clifford - Director - Infrastructure
  • Trevor Howard - Director - Game Days Coordinator
  • Janelle Sothmann - Director - Football Operations Manager

You are invited . . . .

To the SWQ Thunder FC 2019 NPL Season Launch

This is a Compulsory Club Event

The Season Launch is set down for 11am on Saturday 9th February at the Stadium. This coincides with our first senior home games with U18’s - 1pm; U20’s - 3pm and Senior Men at 5pm.

The SWQ Thunder FC NPL Junior Boys play on Sunday. The SAP, Senior Women & U18 Girls season has not started, and U13/U15G play late in Brisbane, allowing all teams to be in attendance

ALL Players and Coaches/Managers need to be in attendance, as we will be doing a march past introducing the teams, a Club Photo, & presentation of Senior Men & Senior Women players with their jerseys.

All Thunder Players and Coaches are required to wear their SWQ Thunder FC Travel Uniform.

Sponsor News

Thanks to our Sponsors

We can't end the 2018 season (and start the 2019 season!) without giving our thanks to our generous sponsors. Our Principal Sponsor, Clive Berghofer Land Sales, will be continuing their partnership with Thunder into the 2019 season.

We have also had generous support from the Federal Hotel Motel, World Gym Toowoomba and Priceline Pharmacy Toowoomba. We are pleased to be continuing our relationship with Priceline Pharmacy into the 2019 Season and thank all for a great 2018.

SWQ Thunder FC is proud to announce a new sponsor partnership with The Fit Lab. We aim to provide, in conjunction with The Fit Lab, an intense professional fitness program for our Thunder Athletes. The Fit Lab will be in attendance at our SWQ Thunder Orientation night with an informative presentation for our athletes. Keep an eye out for the next Thunder Express Newsletter for an introduction to The Fit Labs Program and further information on our exciting new relationship with The Fit Lab Team.

We ask all of our SWQ Thunder family - players, coaches, supporters - to get behind these community minded businesses and show them our support.

SWQ Thunder FC Welcome

From the Board

Welcome to the 2019 season of National Premier League football. After record numbers attending our trials, the majority of team selections are complete and training has begun. The senior NPL and NPLW teams will soon move to our new training fields at Highfields and the SAP will continue with junior boys NPL at Captain Cook. Welcome back to both our continuing players and our new players with their families. It’s a time of adjustment with new players and coaches committing to peak physical fitness, upgrading skill sets, and learning new techniques - so “buckle up” - for the whirlwind of competition and training is about to begin.

We are also privileged to welcome Thiago Kosloski to the role of NPL Technical Director/Senior Mens Head Coach and Kris Hemmerling as NPLW Technical Director for our female teams. They both bring a world of enthusiasm and club culture along with their own specific skills developed over years of experience. Thiago has recently returned from a coaches course in Brazil where he completed his Pro-licence amongst an elite group of international World Cup coaches, and I expect we will see reference to this experience as the year progresses. Our Skills Acquisition Program was run by Chris McLeod last year, and he will continue to develop our young players from the region, funnelling them to Thunder SAP where he can, and delivering classes in accordance with a few changes from Football Qld.

It’s our hope that you have all enjoyed the holiday season and are primed for some great Football in 2019. There are friendships formed here that last a lifetime, and players whose dreams of professional careers are coming true, but let’s remember that the path is cemented by hard work, respect, and commitment to teams not individuals.

As I am writing this welcome from Canada where I have incurred a fairly significant injury on the snow, I reflect on something said to me by the orthopaedic surgeon who had the same injury recently while playing a different code - “we succeed or we surrender” - the success is often measured in small steps and starts in your mind. But surrender is fatal from the minute it begins, slowing down any chance of progress

So - as much as I say this to myself now, I also reflect on the impact that surrender brings to our teammates, coaches and families. Don’t surrender, play on even in sure defeat. Because defeat can be a loss with skill and dignity in tact but surrender is giving up -which is not a great characteristic any way you look at it.

I look forward to seeing you all at the launch soon and hope that you enjoy learning new skills and playing ‘the beautiful game’ this year. Yours in football

Thunder & You

Supporter Merchandise

Purchase of SWQ Thunder FC Supporter Merchandise, such as hats, scarves, jumpers, etc, will be available through our majestri online shop on our Thunder Website. Availability dates for the merchandise will be released soon. So keep an eye out for the announcement on our Thunder FB page.

Helpful links and websites
Thunder Contacts

SWQ Thunder FC communicates via email or direct contact with Team Managers. The SWQ Thunder FC office is only manned on a casual basis so attendance at the office is by appointment only. Below are some email contacts for various queries that may arise during the season. Please remember that your Team Manager is a great first point of contact for all matters and they will help steer you in the right direction!

  • Finance & Payment Queries - accounts@swqthunder.com
  • General Enquiries - swqthunderfc@gmail.com

DSL PHOTOGRAPHY - Keep an eye on this Facebook page during the season for some fantastic photos of our SWQ Thunder Teams. If you would like to purchase any of the prints just send David a message via the DSL Photography Facebook page.

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