Phantom sitters The unImaginable seats

Often enough we look at chairs and imagine the ones it holds up. Here we going to test the thought process and imagine the unimaginable in those seats. We're going to see if we can widen our imagination. We are going to dive deeper in our childish mind that we know but try to forget exist.

Here sits the starving artist. This artist can only find supplies at a high school. This artist is painting the world and test the limits it has. This artist is the kind of starving artist that sits in the corner and records his videos for the world. This artist is Bob Ross.
This sitter is a person with quit the temper. The temper that comes from the frustration of being told no. This temper is quite childish and doesn't have the understanding when it should end. This person? Our President.
This chair comes from a therapist. This therapist listens to the troubles of the youth. The struggle to be an average teenage with nothing going on in their life. This sitter is the famous John Green.
Who's chair is this? This chair is owned by the creator of the most important thing to everyone. The creator of a serious most have. The creator of Netflix.
This chair holds the butt of a famous billionaire. This billionaire has jumped over chairs for sport. This person also dropped out of college, but he's still making a living. Bill Gates.
One of these chairs specifically this one, is sat in by someone who has been watching. Watching the country dropping and losing its mind. This person has time to go out only sometimes, but when this person does it's something quite special. This person knows when the country needs a little happiness. This person is Beyoncé.
This seat is owner by a man who has seen it all. He has finished strong, although the country wanted to see him fail. You know who he is. Barack Obama.

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