TAF Donor Spotlight: Scott & Malinda Rhodes

Scott and Malinda are consistent supporters of Southern Utah Athletics. Get to know the Rhodes and find out why they give to Thunderbird Athletic Foundation.

How Malinda got involved with SUU Athletics:

While working for SUU, Malinda joined the Thunderbird Club. At the time, the booster club was responsible for fundraising STUDENT>Athlete scholarships and other involvements with SUU Athletics.

"We got to go on football trips which was a lot of fun. It was awesome to be that involved with Thunderbird Athletics" Malinda said.

Why the Rhodes give back to SUU Athletics:

Scott played football in high school and all three of their boys played sports growing up.

"We have always been around athletics and continue to enjoy the entertainment aspect it brings" Malinda said.

Favorite memory with Thunderbird Athletics:

When SUU Football played Montana State Football in a blizzard!

"It was snowing so hard, they had to plow the field during the game" Malinda said.
"Our group started this tradition of walking through other university tailgates before games. The Montana fans that day let us perform their stuffed bear burning ritual. This was obviously in resemblance of their rival team, but it was cool to see how welcoming they were to us."

Why YOU should join the T-Bird Family:

"They are students first, then athletes" Malinda stated.

"We could get so many other awesome students-athletes here if they could just get a scholarship. Cedar is a special place and we love our athletes, but it can be hard for them to come here without our donor support.”

Favorite hobby:

Being the sport fans they are, Scott and Malinda enjoy going to baseball games as a family.

"We are Cubs Fans, so attending spring training is a top pick" Malinda said.

Join the Rhodes and help build + support Thunderbird Athletics today!

Together We FLY!