Zechariah Morrow Marketing and Social Media Strategy

Dear Hiring Manager,

There are a thousand ways to tell a story, but perhaps only a few ways to tell each story well. I believe one of my specialities is finding those communication tools: the ways to bolster a story, to shape it in the image of the brand and communicate it to a company's audience. Over the course of my education and career, I have worked across communication channels to tell stories through the realms of verbal, social, print, and experience based media. I want to learn how to do that better, and I think the best way forward is with you.

A little about me: I like to think of myself as a problem solver. When I am faced with a situation, I take the time to learn each side of the program or process as it functions. I use the skills I learned in my MBA schooling to break down problems and understand them based on their respective affects from matters of finance, marketing and brand, management, human resources, and of course: the user perspective. Then, working with the appropriate stakeholders we formulate an action plan with realistic benchmarks that is tailor-made to the problem and organization at hand.

I'm applying for a position with you because I think we could do great things together. I'm a quick learner, good team member, hard worker, and a bit fun to have around the office. While I know I could contribute to your organization, I look forward to learning from the environment I would be surrounded by. For this reason and more, I would love a chance to speak with you at your convenience. In the meantime, feel free to peruse my social platforms linked below. When you get a chance, drop me a line. I'd love to get together some time.

Slainté, Zechariah


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