Gerald Wilkins By max heieie

Most people don't know Gerald Wilkins he is in the NBA,and he is a basketball player.You might like him and he is only 59 years old in 2017 this year.


This is not Gerald Wilkins but this is what he might've look like.

Gerald Wilkins was born on September 11, 1963.He was born in Atlanta Georgia.GW middle name is Bernard.



These are his son and brother I couldn't find his mother,father.

Dominique Wilkins:brother and Damien Wilkins : son. He has a daughter named jasmyn jazz Wilkins.His Daughters job is a nursing student in Georgia state university.GW Son and brother both play for the NBA.


He played a lot of basketball with his brother. GW favorite sport is basketball. GW sport that he played often when he was a child was basketball.


Gerald Wilkins play most for New York Knicks. He played the least for Moberly for 1 year. He also played for Chicago and cavaliers.that is the professional basketball teams he played for.


Now you should know a lot about Gerald Wilkins. You should know about his NBA life and all of his child hood and such. I hope all of this knowledge hasn't exploded your brain. I hope you found this presentation interesting.

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