A New World Is Coming By-Katelyn Rowe

Why George Washington a great leader to this country?

George Washington brought us through like the Revolutionary War, which was the conflict between Great Britain. Also helped the new world grow.

Commander -in-Chief

Why his cabinet is experienced and what they will be doing help the country?

His cabinet will be helping country by:

1. Fits in the 15 compartments

2. Great Speaker, and Very Persuasive

Helping our country!

Why will Jefferson and Hamilton be great cabinet picks?

So, you can work with people you either like or don't like!

Hamilton v.s. Jefferson

What is the Elastic Clause?

Pass any necessary or proper laws by power.

Why D.C. is a good location for the capital U.S.?

So they can just travel to the closest place for their presidents permission

Washington D.C.


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