fUTURE PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT Studying Biomedical, Physical Science, and Health Science.

Skin has always fascinated me since childhood. Growing up I’ve suffered from acne and multiple skin infections and have consulted with more dermatologists than I would’ve like at the time, but over the years I began to desire a better understanding of the skin as an organ and how it functions. I began to study holistic remedies as well as medical grade treatments for different skin aliments. Also, I've read a variety of books by different dermatologists and I’ve come to the conclusion that the skin is extremely complex. The body's first line of defense is our skin and I’ve always wondered how something so delicate could be so resilient. As a teenager I thought about becoming an esthetician. The schooling for an esthetician license is minimal and it seemed like easy money. I shadowed an esthetician for two years and although I loved it, my work days consisted of watching the esthetician perform facials and hand massages. I became extremely bored and realized I was more interested it the science aspect of skincare and how it behaves on a molecular level. I want to be able to treat different skin diseases and skin cancers and make a huge impact on people’s lives. Studying Biomedical Science, Physical Science and Health Science has allowed me to build a solid foundation with an understanding of the biological and chemical systems within the human body. My goal is not only to treat patients but ultimately give them a better healthier life.


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