A Long-Gone Parasite Returns to Florida, Leaving a Trail of Dead Deer By: Frances robles

Summary: The article I read was about how deer in southern florida began to suddenly become ill and eventually die from that illness. Scientists were baffled by the sudden death of the deer, so they began an investigation. The scientist had discovered that an extinct parasite was no longer extinct but very much alive and thriving in the deers. The parasite is called the "screwworm fly". The recents deaths of the deer have had a major impact on the livestock of southern Florida. The Government step into the situation and deemed there to be an animal quarantine imposed by officials in Florida in early October, and an agricultural emergency was declared to avoid the spread of the parasite.To eradicate the screwworm, seven million fly pupae sterilized by radiation are being released each week in the Florida Keys. The female mates only once in her lifetime, so the idea is that if the female mates with a sterilized fly, the screwworm infestation should be over in about six months.

The screwworm fly

Analysis: This content is very noteworthy because Deer are a very important part in our ecosystem and environment as a whole. Also, the if the parasite spreads throughout the country who knows what the damage could be. This little parasite could destroy certain things we need in life to survive, so thats why I believe this content is noteworthy because if we don't do something about it then, we could be in big trouble and more than just deer could die.

Deer affected by parasite

My Big Takeaway: I choose this article because I thought this topic in science needs to be understood much more than it is, because this parasite could come back back to the world and destroy it if we don't act quickly and thats why people should be inform themselves more about this so they know what is going on or what could happen before it happens. This article taught me that me to take more notice on the little things in the environment because the little things can turn to big things in a matter of seconds.

florida deer

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