Stock Market Project Tasha


How do we use a Stock Market ? We use a stock market to buy or sell shares.

When you buy a share in a company, you're buying a piece of the company. There are investors, and they continue to trade a company's shares after the IPO because the perceived value of the company changes over time. The investors are making or losing money, it depends on how the market goes.

The difference between stocks and shares is that stock is a term that we are to a the ownership certificates of a particular company, and the shares are using to describe the ownership certificates of any company.

A Demand is an economic principle that describes a consumer's desire and willingness to pay a price for a specific good or service and a supply is a fundamental economic concept that describes the total amount of a specific good or service that is available to consumers.

A ticker symbol is like an arrangement of characters that are representing a special security listed on an exchange. When a company are putting securities to the public marketplace, it selects a ticker symbol for its securities that investors use to place in trade orders.

  • Boeing : I decided to invest in Boeing Co because this company is one of the leading company in his sector. I’m sure that the aerial traffic will increase in the future.
  • Microsoft : According to me, Bill Gates has created a key player software company which dominates the operating system market. I decided to invest in this company because it has acquired a large number of technological companies with know how like for example Skype.
  • Porsche : I chose to invest in this company because Porsche has developed a large range of hybrid cars powered by electricity and gasoline. I trust a lot in this technology and I believe that the company will make huge profits in the future.

Stage 2-- portofolio

Stage 3 - My reflection : When I started this project, I had 3 companies that I had chosen : Porsche, Boeing and Microsoft. After I buy shares in 4 other companies : Nike, Apple, Christian Dior and Facebook. Christian Dior and Boeing are the companies which increases the most of all the companies of which I bought shares. I was really surprised how Christian Dior is working really good. I've already known that the Boeing company was working really good because it's a really big company that is really famous. I was also really surprised that the Nike's company was always on the negative side, I chose this company because I thought it was working really well but I was wrong. The Apple's company was most of the time negative but one time she just went up, I think it's because less people want to buy a phone that costs 700 euro and that when there's a new phone, they just create slowdowns in older device . Microsoft was always in the positive numbers but it was much lower than Boeing's company and Christian Dior's company.

When I began with all my companies, I was 23th in the ranking, I was once the 3rd one but now I am the 10th in the ranking. I am going to keep the shares for me and not selling them because it's funny to see how it works and how the companies operate. If I can, I will continue to invest in this project by buying other shares in other companies or buying more shares in the companies that are working very well.

My Final reflection : During all this project, there are 3 companies that were successful, it was Christian Dior, Boeing and Microsoft. When I began the project, I was a bit sad because the companies in which I bought shares did not work well but after a certain time, I gained more profit. I wasn't expected that Apple and Nike were not working really well because first Apple sells a lot of phones that are really expensive and everyone like their inventions and Second, Someone told me that Nike did not work as well as before but I wanted to try with this company because I wanted to know if it was true but I was really wrong to have thought that Nike can be really good. If I had the opportunity to do it again, there are some companies like Nike or apple that I am going to remove because most of the time, they didn't made a lot of profit. I would probably have kept the Christian Dior's company, the Boeing company and the Microsoft company.

I've learned a lot about investing in companies, I am not a really good student in math but this project has made the mathematics more interesting to me, it could be a great job. In the project I learn how to investigate in different companies and how does a company work. I enjoyed to do this project and to understand the work of a shareholder.


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