Grasslands By:gaby tapia

The lion has a big mane to disguise itself in the shadow.

ROAR! Do you here that lion? Yes. Well guess where this animal and others may live. They live in the grasslands. Grasslands are on every continent expect Antarctica. Can you believe that. Well then you should start reading.

Do you know where grasslands are at? Grasslands are found on every continent exept Antarctica. Grasslands are on rivers and streams. Did you know that quarter of the earth are grasslands? Almost all of the grasslands are found on North America. One grassland is the Tropical grassland, this grassland is close to the equator. Another grassland is the Temperate grassland, this grassland is far away from the equator. Grasslands may receive about 10 to 30 inches of rain per year. Did you know that if there is more rain it would be like a rainforest, if there were less rain it would be like a desert. It could be 30 degrees Celsius in the summer and 0 degrees Celsius in the winter. As you can see grasslands are plain grass parts all over the world.

Animals have adaptations to survive in the grasslands. The first animal is the African elephant. The African elephant has a large trunck to drink it's water, and has large ears to hear well. Next is the lion. The lion has strong legs to chase after its prey, and a big mane to disguise itself. Now the prairie dog barks to warn other prairie dogs, and there alike to normal dogs. Lastly the giraffe has a long neck to eat his food from the trees. There are other animals to. Now you see why animals in the grasslands have adaptations to survive.

Flowers have adaptations to survive in this environment. First the sweet cornflower. The sweet cornflower has a strong scent to keep bugs away. Next is the purple cornflower. The purple cornflower has a strong scent to keep the bugs away just like the sweet cornflower. Lastly the milkweed. The milkweed will poison insects and animals so they can't eat it. Also the sweet cornflower keeps bees away from pollinating it. As a matter of fact plants also hav adaptations to survive also.

In conclusion you can see grasslands are so fascinating. The plants and animals need to have adaptations so that these animals and plants can survive in this environment.


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