8th Grade Peek of the Week October 21st-25th


What's Happening at BCMS This Week?

  • Being ELITE in our 20 Square Feet!!!
  • Being ELITE in our 20 Square Feet!!!
  • Being ELITE in our 20 Square Feet!!!
  • Being ELITE in our 20 Square Feet!!!
  • 8th Grade Football Trip to GSU!!!
  • Being ELITE in our 20 Square Feet!!!
  • Friday Club Day!!!
  • 6th Grade Sponsored Neewollah Dance After School!!!
  • BCHS Football HOME vs. Metter @7:30 PM (Tickets: $8)
Lots Of ELITE Things Happening at BCMS!!!
Come Out and Cheer On OUR Redskins!!!

What's Happening in 8th Grade This Week???

English Language Arts
  • Read 180 (Romberg/Durrence): In READ 180, we are finishing Workshop 7. In whole group instruction, scholars will create a field journal. Scholars will also take their Unit 7 vocabulary and end of unit assessments. In independent reading, scholars will read books on their Lexile level from the READ 180 library and complete reading logs. In APP, scholars will independently work on selected APP segments to close learning gaps and complete APP logs. Scholars should have completed a total of 2 segments, 2 novels, and 2 Ereads by October 18th.
  • 8th Grade ELA (Hills): This week, we will continue diving into Unit 2: Seeking the Big Picture. Scholars will learn about: determining the central idea, analyzing supporting evidence, determining the author's purpose with several informational mentor texts. Scholars will also examine the Unit 2 grammar standards over active and passive voice, verbals, and verb moods. Lastly, scholars will continue to research information over the Unit 2 Engaging Scenario concerning concussions and youth sports.
  • 9th Grade Lit & Comp (Hills/Romberg): Lit and Comp will continue Unit 2: Justice and Equality. Scholars have been loaned copies of the novel To Kill a Mockingbird (TKAM) to use for the unit. Scholars will analyze various informational texts in order to identify significant ideas, themes, and events regarding the time period we are reading about and will focus on the characters and their roles in regards to the plot and theme. "Reading Check 3" for TKAM will be due on Monday, Oct. 28th. Scholars should be reading at home to complete their Reading Checks.
Our INCREDIBLE 8th Grade ELA Team!!!
  • 8th Grade Science (Herndon/Winkworth/Beasley, Joyner): This week scholars will develop an understanding of Matter Conservation. The basic idea is that all the matter in the universe already exists and nothing can create or destroy matter. Under this concept, matter changes forms in chemical reactions but all the starting materials, the reactants, are present in the ending material, the products. The matter may have changed its state between a solid, liquid or gas. The mass of the reactants is the same as the mass of the products. For example, when you pop popcorn, the heat makes the water molecules in the kernel expand and turn into water vapor, this causes the popcorn kernel to POP and become the puffed popcorn. When you measure the before and after of the two popcorn masses, there is a difference in mass. We did not destroy any matter while making the popcorn; we just made one compound change its state of matter. The difference is the water vapor that escaped from the popcorn and distributed into the air.
Social Studies:
  • 8th Grade Georgia Studies (Sanchez/Styron/Beasley/Joyner): This week, scholars will analyze the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation and explain how those weaknesses led to the writing of a new federal Constitution. Scholars will create a graffiti wall that protests the Articles of Confederation, using the important facts, key vocabulary, symbols, images, etc., to petition the founding fathers to revise the document. Scholars will complete a Venn Diagram and play a review game comparing differences between the two. We will finish the week with an episode on the American Revolution from a History Channel documentary entitled America, The Story of US.
Georgia History ROCKS!!!
  • 8th Grade Math (Meeks/Carver/Beasley/ Durrence): Scholars will explore operations with numbers expressed in scientific notation. Scholars will complete unit tasks this week. Unit exam will be on October 30th and 31st.
  • Algebra 1 (Meeks): Scholars will continue working with polynomials. Scholars will complete Unit 1 Test this week. Exam will be on October 30th.
  • Meeks & Carver Tutorial: Wednesday 3:35-4:30
Our #WeNOTMe Field Trip to GSU was an ELITE experience for our 8th Grade Scholars!!!
A November 1st Field Trip to the HISTORIC Lucas Theatre of the Arts will be ELITE!!!
Get ExExExcited for the Advanced Content Field Trip to Washington D.C. February 5-8, 2020!!!
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Are you ready for the 8th Grade Field Trip on May 15th to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida to experience GRADVENTURE???
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Our #BeBCMS 2019-2020 Class Schedule!!!

Our 8th Grade Tribe:

English Language Arts
  • Lexy Romberg (Read 180/9th Lit): lromberg@bryan.k12.ga.us
  • Teresa Durrence (Read 180): tdurrence@bryan.k12.ga.us
  • Quincy Hills (8th ELA/9th Lit): qhills@bryan.k12.ga.us
  • Matthew Herndon (8th Science/Math Connections B): mherndon@bryan.k12.ga.us
  • Marc Winkworth (8th Science/Creative Writing Connections B): mwinkworth@bryan.k12.ga.us
  • Sunny Beasley (8th Science): sbeasley@bryan.k12.ga.us
  • Robbie Joyner (8th ESS Science): rjoyner@bryan.k12.ga.us
Social Studies
  • Marie Sanchez (8th Georgia Studies): msanchez@bryan.k12.ga.us
  • Christopher Styron (8th Georgia Studies): cstyron@bryan.k12.ga.us
  • Sunny Beasley (8th Georgia Studies): sbeasley@bryan.k12.ga.us
  • Robbie Joyner (8th Grade ESS Georgia Studies): rjoyner@bryan.k12.ga.us
  • April Meeks (8th Math/Algebra 1): ameeks@bryan.k12.ga.us
  • Miranda Carver (8th Math): mcarver@bryan.k12.ga.us
  • Theresa Durrence (8th Math): tdurrence@bryan.k12.ga.us
  • Sunny Beasley (8th Math): sbeasley@bryan.k12.ga.us



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