Christian Survival Guide By: Macy Harper

Table of contents:

  • What is happening
  • Meeting place
  • Rules
  • Tips
  • Why you should come with us
  • How to gain followers
  • FAQS

What is happening?

Christians around the world are being persecuted for their faith by the romans. Be safe, fight back, and most importantly stay true to who you are!!

Meeting place: Basement of Target (an ancient supermarket) near Liberty Township.

This is a good place to hide because you have food, water, clothing, and other necessities at all times. You also will be hidden very well in the basement with many escape routes. You are also next to many other stores so if our hiding place does not have enough food, we have other places to make sure we never run out!

Make sure you keep this location a secret


  • If you go anywhere make sure you have partner with you (buddy system)
  • Don't betray the team/ turn on us
  • Fight back under any circumstance
  • If caught, please do not rat out our team
  • If you want to communicate with others do it in secret or send a letter.
  • Most importantly: obey the rules


  • Keep a weapon with you at all times
  • Stay hidden for the most part
  • Fight back
  • Make sure you have some one with you at all times
  • Try to stay faithful, if you don't God will still love you

There are many reasons you should come with us, here are a few!

  1. We are a very loyal team, no man is left behind.
  2. Even through the bad times, we still pray and hold secret services.
  3. We are one tough bunch!
  4. While others have been caught, we haven't. Meaning you will probably not be persecuted.
  5. We are fun group, we still have fun!
  6. We do not judge others, and are always accepting more people with open arms (have to take a loyalty test though)

How to gain followers?

We promote hope, faith, and love through these hardships. People like that because Rome is under great oppression right now. Everyone is very depressed due this hard time but if you come with us we promise a smile and happinesses at all times.

Frequently asked questions...

  1. What if the romans find your team?
  2. What happens if someone betrays your team?
  3. Will you help someone who is caught? Or will you leave them to fend for themselves?
  4. What do you do for food, drinks, and electricity if you run out of it at target?

Answer to question 1: We will fight, till we cannot fight anymore. We believe that God wants us to fight for our faith no matter what. If we successfully beat them, we will not meet for 2 months and get a new identity to get everything situated and under control.

Answer to question 2: If they decide to come back to our team, we will forgive and accept them back. We will offer them one more strike and if they break that strike they get kicked out.

Answer to question 3: We will try our best to help them without being caught, but if it effects our whole team just to get this one person, tough luck for you.

Answer to question 4: We will send out a team (around 3 persons) to go to the closest local store and grab more food. They will take multiple trips so that everyone has food.


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