I Have A Dream Orphaned and Hungry

I have a dream that children with no families will find love and laughter, and that children that are hungry around the world will have there needs met to fulfill their hunger.

On average 17.7 million children have lost one or both of there parents due to different diseases and this causes them to become emotionally depressed, and does not allow the youth to reach their fullest potential in anything they do. I believe that all children should be happy and live a happy filled life with families of there own. In the US 2013, California and Texas were the two states with the most children in public foster care waiting for adoption, and it isn’t just happening in the United States. South Africa, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom are all having problems with children dealing without homes or not having enough food to last them 5 minutes.

Haiti is one of the biggest places in the world with the most children hungry and without homes

Even though children only make up 30% of the world, they make up 100% our Earth’s future, which is why it is very important we resolve this problem fast. Kids who are in foster care or in orphanages on average end up in debt or homeless by 19. 124 million kids who are in foster care or homeless are out of school and 1 in 11 kids go to jail by 18 years of age. Children without food and water end up dying by the age 10, because there small bodies can’t handle dehydration or starved bodies. Some kids only have water from rivers or lakes, and this is why it is important that we keep our air and water clean and not polluted. Children deserve a loving home with families who care about them and feed and shelter them without harm.

The average child goes to foster care at about the age of 1 up to 18. Us, as a united world need to take a stand, and more of us need to adopt or help nurse children back to health with diseases, no homes, or ones that are in need of food and water. 13.1 million children live in insecure households or orphanages, which is bad because they aren’t getting enough food nutrients in their bodies. Martin Luther King Jr once said,

” I have a dream that the rough places will be made plain, And the crooked places will be made straight , And the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together.”

MLK Jr. states that we shall work together and together the lord will reveal his glory and help those in need.

There are several fund pages to help the homeless, orphaned, and hungry that all of us can help. There are also several mission trips us United States citizens can go on to help the less fortunate in places like Haiti, South Africa, North Korea, South Korea and more. I have a dream, a dream that every child that suffers through the pain of starvation, no parents, or no home will eventually have everything as you and I have today. In 2015, 14.5 million people lived in poverty and more than 15 million children lived in orphanages or without a home.
I have a dream that one day our nation will accept citizens that have less fortune than us. I have a dream that there will soon be enough food to feed everyone in poverty. I have a dream that there will be enough homes in the world where people can take homeless or kids with no parents into their lives and love and cherish them as their own. I have a dream that we, as a nation will work together to solve this issue and it will make us one step sooner to having world peace and equality for all.

By Kenzie Flax


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