The geography of Rome BY: Liliane E. Krumins

In Rome there are many different landscapes the Apennines mountains impacted Rome greatly. The slopes leveled off to large flat plains that are good for farming, much better than Greece.they also offered protection to Rome though it was not needed. They did not isolate Rome because they were not jagged and easy to cross.

These are the Apennines mountains from an Aeriel view

The next geographic feature in Rome is the Tiber River. The Tiber River provided fresh water and a way to other parts of the world. the river was easy to cross so people could get in and out without trouble.

This is a picture of the Tiber River

Another feature that affected Rome is the Alps. the Alps cut off Italy from the rest of Europe and that provided protection from its neighbors.

these are the Alps

The last feature is the Tyrrhenian Sea. It provided a way to trade with nearby countries and islands.

This is a map of Italy. It shows the Tyrrhenian Sea.


Created with images by NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "Spring Runoff in the Adriatic Sea [Full View]" • Zingaro. I am a gipsy too. - "Piena del 12.12.2008. Tiber in flood." • romanboed - "Mont Blanc from the slopes at Courmayeur."

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