Beginning of WW2 Abby Callies #44

Nazi Symbol

These are the dictators & How America got involved with WW2

Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler was a horrible man.He tried to take over the world,kill all the Jews,get Germany out of financial ruin,conquer new lands,and have a "perfect human race."

Hideki Tojo

He was on Hitler's side and the dictator of Japan wanting to invade Asia and the Pacific.They also invaded China.

Japanese invade China
Benito Mussolini

He was also with Hitler and was the leader of Italy.

Mussolini leads Italy to invade Ethiopia.
Joseph Stalin

He was with Hitler and was dictator of U.S.S.R..He later joined the Allies.

Francisco Franco

He was the dictator of Spain aqnd with Hitler.

America stands forever

America was not involved with the war yet but they sent supplies to The allies.

Timeline of conquering in order

This is only the beginning of the horror of WW2

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