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Josh Mckenney

Have you ever wanted to know how high Cotopaxi is read this story and I’ll tell you!

Cotopaxi is 19,347. It’s very tall for a volcano.The latest eruption in Cotopaxi is August 2015.

Cotopaxi also has a very steep cone And has nested summit craters. It also has outer witch measure 550 800M in diameter.

The first ascent was november 28/1872 and the mountain range Andes.

In conclusion Cotopaxi is a pretty interesting mountain and its in South America and its longitude is -78.437778 and Its latitude is -0.680556 and Its country is Ecuador.

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Joshua McKenney


Created with images by jrubinic - "hacienda san agostin de callo in cotopaxi, ecuador" • y entonces - "Cotopaxi" • em_j_bishop - "Cotopaxi"

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