Save the Snow Leopard By: Pierce Koehler

What is a Snow Leopard?

What is black and white spotted, has natural snow shoes, and a thick gray coat that they can never take off? A snow leopard! First, let’s look at the snow leopards amazing body.The males can grow up to be 3-4 feet tall 4-5 feet long and can grow up to be 55 LBS. Females on the other hand are 2-3 feet tall 2-4 feet long and can grow up to be 45 LBS. Ok there big we get it but they also have incredible body features. They have thick gray fur that helps them blend in with the mountain. Another cool body feature the snow leopard has is it has slightly webbed feet that acts like natural snow shoes. Finally, some fun facts. A snow leopard can travel an unbelievable 25 miles in one night! That’s insane! They can also leap up to nine meters that’s six times their body length. That’s also insane. Snow leopards are so cool!

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Where does the Snow Leopard live

If you want a chance of seeing a snow leopard in person you’ll definitely need to know where they live. First, they live in Asia and northern europe. They live in places where it is cold so you should bring a coat. They live in the mountains and it only gets up to about 40 degrees on a good day. It also rains 15-20 inches that’s a lot of rain. Snow leopards need to live in that you know. But where they make their homes is like being in rain. Snow leopards make their homes in the high mountain tops in a cave. Or they will find a warm rock and take a nap. You can clearly snow leopards are awesome and have extreme habitats.

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A Snow Leopards Diet

What does the amazing snow leopard eat? Let’s find out! Chomp, the snow leopard eats mainly wild sheep and wild goat. Every so often it will eat a giant panda but mainly sticks to wild goat and sheep. Also they only hunt every 8-10 days can you imagine eating only every week. Have, you ever wondered how a snow leopard catches its prey? Well the snow leopard will sneak upon its prey and chase it down at an astonishing 40 mph. Lastly, maybe the mighty snow leopard has some predators. Humans are the most threatening because of poaching (illegal hunting). But wolves tent to target the cubs. Surprisingly again the snow leopard has impressed us. Bravo.

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Why is the Snow Leopard endangerd

Can you believe that there are only 450 snow leopards left in the world. That’s terrible but why? First poaching, poaching is one reason snow leopards numbers are decreasing. Poaching is illegal hunting poachers kill snow leopards for their beautiful fur. Also poachers kill snow leopards for their body parts to be used as trophy’s. Such bad people. The second reason snow leopards are disappearing is because of loss of habitat. People are cutting down trees and getting rid of snow leopards habitat for mining and farming ground. In addition, to all this snow leopards are also losing their prey. Why they’re losing their prey is because local villagers are killing and eating all of the snow leopards prey. It’s so sad that humans are doing this to these beautiful creatures. Just why?

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Save the Snow Leopard!

Have you ever wondered how to save a snow leopard? Well, I have some idea’s. First, you can donate to the snow leopard trust. This organization works with local communities and helps to save snow leopards. Secondly, donate to the world wild life fund. They will use the money to help save snow leopards and other endangered animals. Last but certainly not least, write a letter to the president. He could really help stop poaching and the cutting down of snow leopards tree’s. Clearly we can save the snow leopard if we really try.

Please Help Save The Snow Leopard and together we will save the Snow Leopard!


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