Off-Line BY: Gabby,amy,cassie,ashley, brandon and bailey

-Starting wake up process

-Oldies music playlist loading

-G G G GooD MOrNinG AlysSa

My S133P SP3C2 ( AKA. "Sleepers”) start blasting Adele and let the light flood in to wake me up. Instead of slowly awakening, like I usually would, I jolt upright in bed with a raging headache and quickly go to my display screen to turn down the volume and brightness settings. That was weird... my music is normally soft until I decide to get out of bed and turn it up and usually the light trickles in to help wake me up gently. Oh well guess I better start getting ready for school. I jump out of bed and look at the time on my display to see that it’s TEN O’CLOCK, what the- my Sleepers woke me up FOUR HOURS LATE!!! I better hurry; I’m already two hours late for school. I would just skip but today is waaay to important to miss!

I need to shower so I change into my G0GG1E SP3C2, "Goggles" and jump in the shower. As soon as I hop in the water is scalding hot and I have to manually turn it down in my settings. I was hoping to take a quick shower, but end up taking forever because my SP3C2 glitch again and tell me that I need to wash my hair six different times. There must be a bug in my system, I’ll stop by F.G.T. (Future Gadgets Today) really quickly before heading to school, luckily it’s on the way to school.

This massive headache won’t stop...whatever. I just need to get dressed and focus on making it through the rest of this day. After drying off, I switch to my F42H10N SP3C2 to get today’s outfit and makeup done. I let the F42H10N SP3C2 do their job and decide to take one final look in the mirror before heading out; Bright red lipstick, blue eyeshadow, one black and and one white eyebrow. That was the least of my worries; my clothes were even worse, indescribably so. Just to give you an idea here’s one word: Yellow.

Finishing my morning routine, I went to go make my breakfast and lunch for school. I put on my F00D SP3C2 and select my favorite breakfast food: chocolate chip pancakes and bacon to see if that can turn my awful morning around. I let my SP3C2 do their job and they end up make scolding hot coffee at a temperature of a volcano. I then select a ham and turkey sandwich for my school lunch today and just kinda check out as my SP3C2 do the task for me. I go to pick up my brown paper bag that my lunch has ended up in and find out that it's leaking syrup and bacon grease. I don’t have time to fix this, so i throw it all in my backpack and run out the door.

Before i run out the door i had to make sure i grabbed my AV1AT0R2 SP3C2 for driving, I head to the F.G.T. just down the street to see if they can help me with my chip. After they run diagnostics on my chip and find no coding errors on it they tell me there is nothing they can do to help. As i'm heading to school my screen starts glitching a little, so i speed up so i can make it to the school in time before something bad could happen.

I wake up and everything is black. I hit the reset button on my goggles and try to remember what just happened. The last thing I remember was pulling into the school parking lot and then my car just took on a life of its own and...and… oh my god I just crashed into the school!!! My AV1AT0R2 still haven’t booted up so I take them off and climb out of the car to see the damage.

Standing up and dusting myself off, I find myself in the school’s gym, in the middle of second period, with a full class of students. The school janitors are already moving in with their tools and supplies to clean up the wall and whatever else. The students and teachers are just kinda looking at it, but not at me; nobody asks if i'm okay, which I was, but a little attention would've been appreciated. I’m surprised nobody asked, because from the looks of it, it was a spectacle. I grab what I need and scurry off to my locker because I’m still late for class.

I run to my locker for my books. I put my L34RN3R2 on to open my locker, but it’s not working! I try like, four times and nothing happens, so no books or anything for me today...great. I turn around just in time to see my boyfriend, Adam, walking by. I ran up to him and try to hug him because today has been awful, but he just pushes me aside and walks through me, towards his next class. Can nobody see me?

I’m done with today, I’m just gonna go and try to figure out what’s going on; it’ll be more productive than anything I can’t do at school today. I start my walk home, seeing as my car won’t be running anytime soon. I wonder if my parents got a notification about the crash...they would’ve tried to get a hold of me by now, i’m sure of it. Looking up from the sidewalk, i notice a man in his yard, not wearing any SP3C2, working in his garden. Maybe he can help me, or at least tell me whats going on.

“Hello sir, can you help me?”

“Wait, you can see me?” He says, turning to face me. He has a large grey beard and shaggy hair, wearing a brown shirt and a set of overalls.

“And you can actually see me?”

“Why aren’t you wearing any SP3C2?”

“When they came out with the SP3C2 they gave me a choice, i was far to old to have to get acquainted with this new technology. My name is Kyle what is yours?”

“Im Alyssa”

“It’s been awhile since i’ve seen you”

“Wait...You Know me?”

“I’m only your grandfather”

I stare at him to see if he’s lying, but i'm pretty sure he’s the real deal. He looks like my father, same eyes and face shape, just older. I also remember seeing the name Kyle when i was looking through my family tree for a school project, but there was no picture next to it or any information on him.

“You look confused; you must think I'm lying" he said with a smirk. "Come inside and i can show you.”

We go inside, he pulls this box out of this closet. He handed the box to me, i opened the box to find a bunch of photos. These are photos of my father as a kid. A picture of my father's chip implant. And one of me being born, the exact same one my mother has in her room

“You... really are my grandfather.”

“See? I wasn’t lying, my dear”

"Now, you were saying something about your day having gone awry. Sit, tell me what happened."

Well, in short, my chip has been glitching all day. First it woke me up late, then told me i needed to wash my hair 6 times, it made the wrong breakfast and lunch, so i went the the F.G.T. and they told me there was no errors in my chip, everything seemed alright to them, but i know something is wrong. So i just went on with my day and went to school and just with my luck i ended up crashing my car into the school building. No one even noticed so i just went in school and i couldn’t get into my locker and no one can even see me… I hate these stupid chips, why do we even have to have them?

“I hate them to, i don’t get to see my family any more because no one can see me

“Are you hungry Alyssa?”, my grandfather asks me


We walk into the kitchen and he makes me a sandwich with using any SP3C2!!

“WOW!! You can do that without sp3c2!?”

“Yes that is the good thing about not having the chip, I can do things for myself and not rely on technology.”

I spend the next week with my grandfather learning how to live without the chip and listening to him tell me stories of how life was before the chip. I knew my parents and friends must be worried about me but there is nothing I could do to communicate to them that I was ok. The decision that I have left to make now is to get my chip fixed or to just stay with my grandfather, leaving my family to wonder what has happened to me. He says he is willing to take me to get it fixed even if it means losing me,but I don’t think he ever will not after the experiences I’ve had this week.

After three weeks I finally make my decision, but it only came to me after I finally made my first sandwich…


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