Deerfield Academy Athletics Complex Deerfield, MA

Architect : Sasaki

Project Category : School

Total Construction Cost : $52M

Total Gross Square Feet : 132,000 SF

Approximate Cost Per Square Foot : $394/sf

How was the facility funded? : Private donations

Project Description:

Judges agreed that that the modern agrarian aesthetic of the Deerfield Athletics Complex, as well as its skillful siting within the rolling hills of Western Massachusetts, produced a renovation and addition that, according to one panelist, results in “a poetic and timeless addition to the campus.”

The design stacks a field house and ice arena, allowing for a multistory lobby to serve as social gathering space for the community’s middle and secondary school students, while providing views into all new activity areas. The building also creates a spine that connects to existing structures and clarifies their organization and circulation. Multiple judges admired the restraint designers exercised while blending old and new.

“This is an outstanding project,” said one. “The design does well to respect and integrate to surrounding vernacular. The shed roof forms and subtle material uses create a building that responds to the historical and is contemporary in its detailing.”

“The barn imagery translated nicely to this warm, yet cleanly delineated design. Nothing is too fussy and the result is an inviting, contextual solution. It’s admirable in its restraint, relying on plain geometry and skillful use of proportion and solid/void expression.” — Tracy Carusi

“The exterior form’s reference to New England barns is handled very skillfully, as is the use of modern, but warm materials.” — Steve Chung