Smash and Splash One Year Sessions

Congratulations, your baby is turning ONE! Let's talk about scheduling a Smash and Splash session! Cake Smash sessions are so much fun to be part of. Babies love to explore, and watching your little one explore new tastes and textures is the perfect way to celebrate their first birthday.

Smash & Splash sessions are broken into 3 parts- portraits, cake, and a bath. Even if your baby isn't a big eater, surely they will enjoy splashing in the tub.

These sessions are usually done at home, so that your baby is comfortable. Don't worry, I will bring everything I need (minus the cake, and baby's outfit.) Due to allergies, parents are responsible for providing the cake.

Q- How much are Smash & Splash sessions?

A- These sessions are just $245, which includes 30+ digital images.

Q- Do parents need to provide any props?

A- I will provide the majority of the props. I also work closely with parents so that if they want to purchase something that they can use for a birthday party, or toy for later, we can include it in the session.

Q- Are parents and siblings allowed to be in the photos?

A- You can definitely jump in for a few shots, but the focus of the session is going to be on the birthday boy or girl.

Q- How long do sessions last?

A- Smash & Splash sessions usually last between an hour to an hour and a half. It depends on how well the baby cooperates/enjoys the cake mostly. This also allows time for set up and tear down of the set.

Q- I found a picture I want to replicate from Pinterest. Can we do this?

A- Sort of. Pinterest is best used as a source of inspiration rather than something to copy piece by piece. Let's take a look at what you'd like to do, and pick some things we like about it.

Q- My baby has food aversions. Should we still do a cake smash?

A- We have a few options! If you like the look of cake, we can use a fake cake as a prop. We also don't have to do cake! We can smash a food that your baby enjoys!

Ready to book your Smash & Splash session? Contact J.Selby Photography for the next available session dates at jselbyphotography@live.com.