Florida Museum of Natural History Nature Tour

This giant mammoth caught my attention when I first enter the museum. I think the museum use a giant display to attract people's attention so people will continue to view the museum. This kind of opening is quite different than the previous museum because this display make people feel more close to the nature and get interested in nature immediately.

Natural museum provides a real natural environment that has cute birds and butterflies. I think this is the biggest different from other museum because this museum shows living specimens instead of dead specimens which give people a vivid sense of true nature. My friends also enjoy the birds and butterflies a lot and took picture with them on the hands. Natural history museum allow people to directly feel the lives of nature which make people more respectable to the nature.

Touring in the museum, I sensed the powerfulness and wildness of nature that I don't encounter in my daily life. Doing work and research all day, I gradually lost the meaning and beauty of nature. Immersing myself in the busy schedule of days may inhibit my ability to view nature. When I visited the museum, I was kind of missing the exciting feeling of observing plants and animals. With more knowledge and mature mind, I began to interested how the species in the network of nature survive and balance.

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