Causes and Effects of Exploration Amber Orton / Mr. Meninga / World History 1B / 15 March 2017


Columbus Discovered the Caribbean Islands

He was an Italian merchant and traveler. He made four trips across the Atlantic Ocean from Spain to find not Asia, but instead, found America. He would record his travels in a book. Spain funded his trips. Columbus didnt

he started exploring so he could find east indies, get spices and be rich


The turks Closed the silk road to the europeans so now it is harder to trade, spain won their war so they had extra money to spend, they spent it on Columbus to help them gain spices. Everyone wanted to get to the East Indies for spices, spices helped cover up the taste of rotten meat and made people smell better too.

They're native americans!


Because Columbus discovered the new world, we are currently living on this continent, if it hadn't been discovered most of us wouldn't be here, Columbus got unbelievably rich through his discovery because of how fertile the land was, the inhabitants of the new world were called "Indians" because Columbus thought he had found the east indies, and the indians got diseases from all the new people that were arriving to the new world.


People began exploring the world

Explorers were very popular at this time. Everyone was trying to understand where they were. The reason for that was so they knew how to get to the things would make them money.


everyone explored for self gain (selfish reasons)

People wanted to be rich, they wanted more land and more power, and they wanted spices to cover up the awful smell and taste of rotting meat.


advancements were made in defence and traveling so countries could get more spices quicker

The new world was discovered, advancement in navigation and sailing was made because of all the ways they were trying to get to the east indies, we now know of all existing land/continents on earth, and thanks to all the explorers, it is now common knowledge to know of continents and who lives there.

Encomienda System

Encomienda System was used

This system was a form of slavery/serfs. The people that live on that land were forced to work for whoever owned it at the time. They were so harsh to them and they eventually all died.


the large amounts of land given made it hard to have all the people you need to work there

The Conquistadors and other leaders were given large amounts of land, the old world's feudalism worked for them, so the new world is trying a different version, and the conquistadors want to spread christianity as well.


slaves working in a field

The native people were forced to work for the people with the land, Bartolome de las Casas complained about how poorly they were treating the natives, Imported slave labor from Africa, everyone there is now African American.

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