Creativity in the age of digital marketing

The marketing industry is going through a massive transformation with technology changing the game as we know it. The digital transformation is the greatest revolution in the global economy since the age of industrialization. Entire sectors are being turned on their heads, frequently before the established players even notice.

Companies will need a comprehensive digital strategy if they want to use digital transformation as an opportunity for renewal, and to avoid being caught napping by this development. The digitization of our societies represents, in equal measure, an opportunity and a challenge for companies. Besides the sweeping change processes that digitization brings to entire industries, the focus has again switched back to the customer, who is now able to enter into contact with brands at any time in a digital or analogue environment.

Smartphones are becoming the extended arms of consumers– remote controls in a digital world. Each year the accumulated online time continues to rise as a dizzying pace. Not only has our daily access to the digital world of the Internet brought substantial changes to our consumer patterns; it has also strongly influenced the expectations we place in companies. Consumers are able to encounter their brands, and to receive a consistently positive customer experience, at any time, wherever they happen to be: and they certainly want it. Ultimately, this puts their loyalty to the test, as it only takes a simple click to switch from one brand to another.

Marketing today is all about experience. In this digital age, your brand is now the sum of your customer’s experience. Yes, it’s about giving what your customers want, but it’s also about standing out from the crowd and getting noticed by being entertaining.

Creating compelling experiences in whatever environment consumers are in, be it physical or digital, is the key to success in todays markets. The technology to target customers anywhere, anytime, anyplace is now widely used, so what else can brands do to stand out from the crowd?

This is where the quality and originality of marketing content becomes as important as how it is delivered. The technology can only take you so far. Shaping the messages and the content in each touchpoint to be relevant ant to stand out is equally important. This is where we come in.

Be more creative, is a phrase often used within business and marketing with little consideration given to its meaning. But, what does it mean to be creative?

There is much confusion about what creativity is and a general misconception of mistaking style for creativity. Most designers are stylists: they make things look good. But modern creativity is about concepts, ideas and innovation.

It's not about how good it looks - it's how well it answers the questions.

It's about finding work-arounds that lets you build agile solutions without involving the IT department each time. It's about trying out ideas and quickly learn from it and adjust

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Kasper Sierslev


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