Requiem Shark Brandon Low & Brandon Vanhoy

The Requiem Shark is a warm water shark that is part of the carcharhindae family and located worldwide

The Requiem can range in size from 3-18 feet long. They are usually grey or brown and have round eyes as well as 5 gill slits.


They typically have lighter colored underbellies and are mostly active during the night. Requiem sharks diets consist of other sharks, squids, octopuses, lobsters, turtles, marine mammals, sea birds, and sometimes trash.

Ocean Floor

They are a near threatened species of shark due to human consumption.

Requiem sharks are super fast and have great eyesight which is why they hunt mainly at night and are good at hunting their prey.

"The not so well known assassin"


Created with images by skeeze - "whitetip reef shark shark cave" • oldandsolo - "White-tip Reef Shark rests at the bottom" • laszlo-photo - "Requiem"

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