PeTaCh Week 3

On Monday, March 13th, we went to Rosie's Foundation

What we did:

When we went to Rosie’s Foundation, we talked with the founder of Rosie’s Foundation Lee Chernotsky. He talked to us about the work they do and how they help people with disabilities. Some of us talked with the volunteers, who had some sort of disability. Rosie’s Foundation works with people that have a variety of disabilities and helps to teach them skills and gives them jobs. The money that the foundation makes from their programs is put back into the organization to help more people.

So What:

I learned about how people with disabilities can use their skills in a unique way to help themselves and to contribute toward their community. I learned that people with disabilities may not be able to do everything that we are, but they can contribute to our community in many ways. Rosie’s Foundation helps this population by training them and helping them to be self sufficient by working on the projects that the bus has.

Now What?

By visiting Rosie’s Experience I learned that there are always ways that we can help our community. Mr. Chernotsky had worked with disabled persons in the past and he used this as a motivation to start his own organization. They are working to help prepare people with autism and other disabilities to start working. I think that if more people knew about this organization, they would get more support and grow.

On Tuesday, March 14th, we went to Beit T'Shuvah

What we did:

When we visited Beit T’shuvah, we heard two speakers talk about their stories of drug addiction. It was very interesting to hear their stories because they were in a middle school when they started using drugs. They were not very different than us and also grew up in the Jewish community which made them seem more relatable. They were able to get help through Beit T’shuvah and now they work to help educate middle and high school kids on things like drug abuse.

So What:

I actually already knew about Beit T’shuvah because I have had family members who volunteer there. I think their program can be very helpful to many people. They do a lot to help people that need treatment but they also do a lot in the community to help educate parents and students. By helping to educate people, they help to prevent more kids from becoming addicted by typing it to Jewish values that we learn in school and about taking care of ourselves.

Now What:

Even though I already knew about Beit T'shuvah, I really enjoyed hearing from the speakers and learning about how they help people. They made me realize that addiction can happen to anyone, even if you are from a good family and from a strong community. When I came home, I had a discussion with my family and shared with them what the day was like and they liked hearing that I got to know about the program in a different way than before.

On Wednesday, March 15th, we stayed on campus

What we did:

A woman from The Advot Project came and brought two past participants. We listened to them talk about their stories and asked questions. I thought both of their stories were very interesting because they both joined gangs, just to be a person that they were not. Also, another woman came to talk to us about privilege. We did a few activities and then talked about how we felt during the activities. Participating in this discussion really made me think about how fortunate I am in my life and that I have a family that supports and loves me for who I am. It also made me realize how privileged I am and that I should be thankful for everything I have in my life compared to other people.

On Thursday, March 16th, we went to LACMA (The Los Angeles County Museum of Art)

What we did/So What:

This was my first visit to LACMA even though I have lived in Los Angeles all of my life. I never think about all the museums and art that are in areas of our city that I don't go to very often. It was very peaceful and a nice way to spend the day. I don't know very much about art but I did find the art I saw interesting. It made me think about how many different kinds of art there are and how different people think about things in very different ways.

So What?

Art is a very important part of our community. It is not always valued as much as other things like becoming a doctor or a lawyer, but artists are also very important. I am interested in going to more museums in Los Angeles. The Museum needs the support of our city. I think visiting LACMA should be something that everyone does at least once and is a nice way to spend the day..

After learning about these organizations, it made me want to participate in more activities in my city outside of my neighborhood where I live.

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