Healthy Eating:The First Defense Against Childhood Obesity

In order, to better combat childhood obesity, parents should be actively involved in teaching their child how to prepare and choose healthy foods. This is important because the foods one chooses to consume greatly influences the health of their body weight.
Parents who choose to invest in their child's eating habits can begin the process of helping their child learn wise eating habits between the pivotal ages of eight and twelve. During this time of a child's life, he or she is forming habits they will carry on for a lifetime.
The grocery store is the perfect place for children to begin to examine all of the eating options before them and weigh the benefits or detriments of the foods they choose. Parent's involving their children in the grocery shopping process is extremely important because it is an avenue for children to learn a life necessity through an everyday common occurrence.
A child's knowledge of how to make healthy eating choices begins with his or her parents. A parent's taking initiative to lead the way in teaching their child how to make wise eating choices is of utmost importance.
Instead of mindlessly receiving food set before them, it is extremely important for children to be involved while parents choose what foods they are allowing into their home. In addition to purchasing healthy foods from the store, the kitchen is also a great place for children to learn how to take care of their bodies. Parents who create an environment for their child to learn about eating healthy will reap the reward of a son or daughter who will become a healthy, thriving adult.
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