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My project is to make a car game to help first graders with math skills. To do this I need code, resources to make the game, and a purpose for the game. All of these things are very important because they are key steps on making a coding project. Now let's see if you can make a game after listening this.

The number one thing to make a game is code. Code is something that can be used in several ways. It has many unique languages and all technology uses it. Code gives instructions for all technology. The instructions tell the technology what to do. Also computers need code for almost everything they are used for like games, videos, and programs. There are also many unique languages in code. For example there is C, Javascript, Perle, and C++. C is used for graphics, and Javascript is used for the web. Lastly, there are many things that use code. For example, there are iphones and computers that run from code. They use the many languages for instructional steps. As you can see code works in many different ways, there are many a variety of languages, and a number of things use it.

Scratch has many purposes, lots of people use it, and you can do many activities on it. Scratch’s purpose is to create your own game. When you make a game, you learn to use the many languages of code. Another thing is that many people use this app. Scratch was made for ages 8-16, but all ages can use it. You can do many different things on it. You can make art, games, animations, music, and stories. Scratch has so many possibilities that you can code.

First grade uses many tools, types of math, and code. Some tools they use are pictures for visuals and number lines for counting. One type of math is to add and subtract from 1-20. This is so they can improve on their addition and subtraction skills step by step There is a way that code and math are similar. They tie together because you need to know how many times to do something. Tools, types of math, and math that is like code can help you in first grade math in many different ways.

To make my project, I had to figure out what I should focus my game on. I chose first grade math because I wanted to help my first grade buddy class. I also think math is the most important skill in school. Then I had to pick what I should make my game with. I picked to use Scratch but then I used Tiny tap app because it was a more efficient app. Lastly, I had to use code so everything worked and it did. Then I finished my game when I used all of these resources.

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