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This is one of the first big assignments that I completed for Spanish and I feel like it is a good example of how I am approaching proficiency in my language control, because even though I make some mistakes, you can still understand me.


The above is a link to the first presentation on food that I made for Spanish and it shows the proficient level of comprehensibility that I had even at the beginning.

The above video is the conversation that Elliott and I led for our IPA interpersonal. It is a good example of my ability to communicate with others and have experienced interactions in Spanish.


This link is to my presentation on flan, it is a great example of my proficiency in vocabulary and structure and I am quite proud of it.

The above video is, in my opinion, the best assignment I have ever completed for Spanish class. This makes it a great example of my personal growth, especially if you compare it to some of my earlier assignments. It is also a good example of my presentational speaking abilities.


The above is a link to one of my interpretive reading IPAs, and I feel as though it is the most proficient of all my reading IPAs. It is the best example of my ability to interpret the Spanish language and really understand it.

Midterm Reflection: I am now half-way through my 5th year of traditional Spanish schooling, and I am enjoying myself like never before. This class involves a super encouraging learning style that is very compatible with my own style. I have become a lot more comfortable simply talking in Spanish this year, in the past I had a tendency to get hung up on not knowing a word and I would be unable to even finish a sentence. Now I have much less fear about messing up which has allowed me to get in more practice than I would have otherwise. In the next few months I hope to spread this comfort into other areas of my learning, in particular I would like to be more confident in my ability to conjugate verbs, especially mid conversation. This is something that I've always struggled with and I feel that I am currently in a good environment for this to happen. Overall I am loving this class and I am excited for the next few months.

End of Year Reflection: This year has been a bit of a rollercoaster. There have been so many different classes and subjects that have taken my time and energy that it has been difficult to really give it my all in any one class. I think that this is easily seen in my work during Spanish class this year. I feel like my in class work and attitude reflected how hard I would have liked to work in Spanish on the whole. But with so many other things to worry about, I often found my HW suffering from a lack of time or motivation. Unlike other classes, I felt as if I was able to show my proficiency simply through my participation and understanding in class. This lead to me putting off my Spanish HW, because I felt as though it didn't reflect my actual skill in the class. Looking back I wish I would have made more of an effort to complete the out of class work, because the number of assignments I completed does not reflect my proficiency in the class.

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