Scout Gillett

Originally from Kansas City, Scout Gillett moved to Brooklyn NY in summer of 2017. She packed up her mom's Kia Rio after her meeting a longtime influence, Sharon Van Etten, who personally encouraged her to take the leap and join the New York music scene. Since then she has formed two projects, one under her own name- Scout Gillett and also Shadow Year. Being in these bands has given her the opportunity to tour nation wide multiple times. Having organized punk shows in Kansas City, Scout picked up a knack for booking. She runs a booking company called Road Dog Booking and currently curates all shows for her projects and freelances with other band. Scout is touring the UK/EU this summer on the release of a single from her upcoming full length LP, which is predicted to be out fall of 2020. Among her many Influences you'd find Cat Power, Karen O, Broadcast, Portishead, Sharon Van Etten and Bonnie Raitt.

inquiries roaddogbooking@gmail.com