Databases and Ebooks

To access the databases and ebooks head to the library webpage.

Login using your computer username and password


Select subject and begin search.
Once you find an article you would like to save, you can download the article to your Google Drive or email it to your school email.
Save the article to your Google Drive if it is an option.
The citation tool provides the information you will need for the Works Cited page. The citation is also included if you email the article or save it to your Google Drive.


To access ebooks, select Electronic Resources from the left menu bar.
Begin your search. Click on the title you would like to read.
Select "PDF Full Text" on the left hand side to read the book.
When you find information you want to use, you may use the "email pages" tool to send the pages to your school email.
The email of the pages requested include the citation and an attached PDF of the pages.

Questions? Please email Mrs. Steen (lauren.steen@midwayisd.org) or come to the library for help.

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