The Ocean

Everyone knows you're not supposed to drink the seawater, but have you ever wondered why?

The ocean is very important to the existence of life on earth.

Why Is The Ocean So Crucial To Life On Earth?

There are several reasons why the ocean is vital to our existence. One is that the ocean provides much of the oxygen that we breathe to the whole world. Oceans are also crucial to the global economy-500 billion dollars per year comes from sea-based businesses. Much of our food comes from the ocean in the form of seafood.

Ocean Current And The Earth's Climate

Zones of the Ocean

Sunlit Zone - 0 to 656 feet

Zone that receives the most sunlight, and has the most plants. Seals, sharks and turtles live here.

Twilight Zone - 656 to 3,280 feet

Not very much sunlight, no plants grow here. Jellyfish, octopi and squid live here.

Midnight Zone - 3,280 to 13,123 feet

No sunlight reaches this zone, some animals from here do not have eyes. Anglerfish, viperfish and eels live here.

Abyss - 13,123 to 19,685 feet

Term to describe general deep sea, but also a zone. Many invertabrates like sea spiders, blind shrimp and hagfish live here.

Hadal Zone - 19,685 to 36,197 feet

Extremely deep trenches and canyons of the ocean, barely above freezing temperatures. Sea cucumbers live here.

Pressure, Temperature and Depth

The deeper down in the ocean you travel, the colder it gets and the higher the pressure gets.

The Ocean's Resources


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