A Blazing Fire By:Connor Wichlacz

The forest fire spread through the houses, businesses, and schools

Firstly, the newspaper ad listed the phone number

A good, old walking cane is made of oak and set to last a long time

No, the newspaper ad didn't trick me

Over the mountain next to the town, the forest fire raged on

Snapping slowly, the walking cane creaked

The forest fire, after burning for days, finally was put out

Grandpa, where is the newspaper ad

The walking cane, a very old tool, can be very helpful

Bill said,”Put out the fire at section B.”

The newspaper ad is interesting, or maybe I'm just bored

The forest fire, which usually begin in dry climates, ignited in Pulaski

The walking cane was made on April 17, 1843, in Sweden

The newspaper ad is from San Diego, California

Dear Bill, She wrote

Inside, the ad was a trick

Created By
Connor Wichlacz


Created with images by skeeze - "wildfire forest fire" • eu1 - "fire house burns cemetery" • Hugo-90 - "Toyota MR2 Dealer Ad" • Public Places - "Elegance" • jonfeinstein - "scam?" • ThePixelman - "helicopter help first aid" • CORE-Materials - "Broken wood hockey stick" • USDAgov - "20140917-FS-UNK-0022" • NS Newsflash - "Newspapers B&W (5)" • digihanger - "walking stick cane man" • The U.S. Army - "Black Forest Fire" • 591360 - "newspaper ads off the" • kubicek_robert - "fire forest stones" • vxla - "Walking Cane at Architectural Artifacts" • cote - "Ads from May 30, 1993" • sflovestory - "Letter" • ivanpw - "No Scams"

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